Football Mode Returns

Source: EU Portal

The domestic leagues may be over but now comes the time of the national teams to do battle through the summer. The groundskeeper has been out to perfect the turf and the goalposts have been meticulously checked… It’s time for kick off!

We’re obviously talking about the return of our football mode this June! Two years ago, we brought back the football mode but we’ve added some new elements to the game and several other features have been improved. This year’s event is a little different with a cast of commentators, tournaments with some amazing prizes and much much more. Gianluigi Buffon’s ready, are you?

More information will be shared over the coming weeks so make sure to keep any eye out!

7 thoughts on “Football Mode Returns

  1. Keep your football, bring back Frontline! Typical WG, scraps a popular game mode, to bring back stupid unwanted one.

  2. This was actually one of the best fun modes in WoT. Chaffee Race too. They should update the tanks a little. I don’t want T-62A again. Let’s try a new class… SPG Football :)))

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