25 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries : Polish tech tree part 3

  1. The tier 10 Polish heavy:
    -It’s got armor
    -It’s got gun depression
    -It’s got 750 dmg per shot
    -It’s got 2600 HP


      1. They are basically Russian tanks with gun depression….
        …and more DPS…
        …and more HP.

  2. It seems that WG is planning to balance polish tanks with polish players.

  3. Hmmm ok right then …..

    Iv worked with lots Polish people over the last 6 years and I can tell you one thing that I learnt and if you ask them they will tell you very strongly

    Polish don’t much like Russia at all (being invaded didn’t help

    to most of us non Poles ~ Polish sounds kinda Russian right?
    well say that to any Polish guy and he will swear at you strongly, any inference Poland to Russia is not received well at all.

    cannot wait to see what the Poles think of WG’s high tiers Polish/ Russian hybrid ‘make believe’ tank tech tree

    1. Like we give a shit about “but muh feelings…” of those Poles. Small country that’s just there. They could all get scorch for all I care, I just want tanks.

  4. LUL

    With so many fake tanks in the Polish tree, what’s stopping WG from adding the Hungarian tree too? The only made up/what if tank in it would be the 45M Árpád TD at Tier VIII.

    It could have some unique gameplay elements with the top tiers as well.

    1. What exactly is that Árpád anyway? Heard about it in the past, never found anything on it.

      1. It’s supposed to be an upgraded Tas Rohamlöveg developed during 1945. In real life it never existed and there weren’t any plans about it, since even the base Tas wasn’t ever completed. No official sources were ever found about the vehicle.

        If WG goes with adding the Hungarian tech tree, and filling the Tier VIII gap with this vehicle, it could have upgraded modules from the Germans.

        Solution two is if they go to the archives and maybe find something really obscure stuff nobody else found yet, but I really doubt this could happen.

        Solution three is adding the two branches into the German tech tree, or the sometimes dead, sometimes planned European/Global tech tree.

        1. Well, the Tas Rohamlöveg is a fake itself, so tier 7 is also a gap filled by a fake tank.

          Tier 10, I guess, would be the Straussler MBT. But what about tier 9? The Straussler MBT prototype?

          1. Well, the Tier VII could be the Tas medium tank and WG could merge the Tas Rohamlöveg and the 45M Árpád into one vehicle at Tier VIII probably keeping the Tas Rohamlöveg name. Tier IX would be the MBT prototype.

            1. What exactly is the difference between the Straussler and its prototype?

              Also, you want to leave a gap at tier 7 in the TD line?

              1. As far as I know nobody found suitable TDs developed by Hungary for Tier V and VI anyway so you already have a gap.

                The Straussler prototype could be the vehicle Karika found sometime ago, and the main MBT could be a somehow serial produced version with some improvements over the prototype version, like in the case of the Leo PTA and Leo I or the Centurion 7/1 and Centurion AX.

                1. Well, from what Karika has told be, the Zrínyi could only work at tier IV, while, for tier V, couldn’t the Szebeny be a candidate?

                  1. I’m not sure about the Szebeny, it could be a Tier V TD, but then we are still missing a Tier VI TD, and creating a full TD branch leaves the medim branch leading to nothing, or to the Tas Romahlöveg at the best.

                    They told Karika already, that T-54 variants for Tier VIII-X tanks is a no go.

  5. Who gives a shit about fake tanks/real tanks or how they look.

    Give me balanced tanks, i don’t give a shit about anything else. It could be a fucking knight on horseback, if its balanced, i dont care.

  6. also someone in this video says “poland had the second strongest armored forces after france” – i don’t even know how to respond to this, it’s simply too retarded.

    I really like their idea of balanced tanks, 2600 hp, mobile, 750 alpha, and turret armor with gun depression.

    Fire these people.

    1. In all fairness, Germany’s forces while technologically advanced, aren’t very numerous.
      I’m not sure about the UK.

      However, Poland is like Greece: they HEAVILY invest in their army to the point of neglecting a few things, and they have some pretty top notch stuff.
      Maybe not top of the line material, but just a few notches under.
      Plus, being the stopgap between Western Europe and Russia, they know they have to be good enough to slow the Russians down considerably.

      That being said, the metric they must be using to justify that statement is pretty extremely biased to make the Poles feels special and ready to spend money on WoT, taking into account everything down to jeeps still left in hangars.
      I know France hates throwing stuff away, and keeps old crap locked away just in case. I’m guessing Poland is the same way with all their old Soviet crap.

  7. I think its not bad. Definitely better than that f* 268 V4 powerhouse disaster.

      1. It’s a problem with E100 being weak in current meta, not with new tanks really.

        1. It could be said the same in reverse – that the current tanks are so strong that the old ones like E 100 struggle to keep up. So either WG nerfs the new stuff and makes WG balanced again, or they buff the old stuff to make it more competitive. Knowing WG, they’ll pick the latter. As for when, that’s anyone’s guess.

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