Supertest: Object 279

This tank will likely not be introduced in the game, according to PROTanki. Pretty much like the Sturmtiger. A few years ago, WG said it had a list of tanks that are too strong for this game and have a plan for a certain game mode for those vehicles. The idea probably has already died.

And just to remind you – the first plans to introduce this tank to World of Tanks were made in April 2012, when it was recognized that the Soviet tech tree is significantly weaker than the others, and most of the vehicles available there are worse than their counterparts from other nations. At that time, this problem was considered to be significant, and as a result, the expansion of the Soviet tree with new tanks and lines was planned, including:

In the line of medium tanks after the 9th tier (T-54), the addition of T-62, T-72 and T-90 was planned.
In the first branch of heavy tanks (IS-7 line), the following tanks were planned to be added: Object 277, Object 279 and Object 195;
In the second branch of heavy tanks (line from IS-4), the following tanks were to be available: Object 430, T-63 and Hammer;
In the branch of tank destroyers, a Taran was to be added;
To the branches of self-propelled guns, after the VIII tier artillery, the following vehicles were added: Pion, Kondensator (the first branch), as well as Akatsiya and Koalitsiya (the second branch).

Object 279 (HT-10, USSR). Closed test characteristics:

Tier: HT-10, USSR
HP: 2 150
Engine: 1 000 hp
Mass: 59,468 t
Maximum load: 65 t
Power to weight: 16,82 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 55 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 40 °/s
Turret turning speed: 26,1 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,575 / 0,671 / 1,534
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 730 m

Hull armor: 310 / 214 / 100 mm
Turret armor: 305 / 217 / 90 mm

Gun: 130 mm M-65

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 640
Penetration: 313 / 390 / 65 mm
Rate of fire: 6,257 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 3 066
Reload time: 9,589 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,336
Aiming time: 1,44 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 / +17


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58 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 279

  1. Object 726 with 4 tracks announced.
    Object UFO with 4 tracks announced.
    UFO got 1,44 aiming time.
    WTF is happening with WG!?
    I know the tank wont come,and im thankful for that…seriously.
    Pen:313 with AP
    Aim Time:1,44
    HP: 2 150
    Max speed/Min speed: 55 / -20 km / h
    Hull armor: 310 / 214 / 100 mm
    Turret armor: 305 / 217 / 90 mm
    Thats Medium/Heavy/Light
    Medium Mobility
    Heavy Armor,Alpha DMG,Pen,Reload Time
    Light Aim Time
    Well…Its still Russian Bias,but im happy that THAT tank wont come in game.
    GG WG

    1. This wasn’t even Supertested to be balanced somewhat properly. These are just the initial stats the devs created from real life data.

      1. As if supertesting a tank ensures it’ll be balanced at all nevermind properly.

      1. did you not see the part about added artillery, even if the changes arent happening?

        You’re right, reading is hard.

        1. Actually no, because there is no such part.

          They planned the branches prior to the TX non-heavy vehicle expansion, saw that it was too much and dropped the idea.

          Let me spell it out for you:
          They dropped the idea of adding the listed SPG 6 years ago.

            1. lel

              Off topic raging personnal attack to mask the fact that reading is hard.
              Don’t worry, that’s the next lesson you’re getting at school, after studying shapes and colors 😀

              Remember, don’t eat too many crayons !

        2. “At that time, this problem was considered to be significant, and as a result, the expansion of the Soviet tree with new tanks and lines was planned”

          AT THAT MOTHERFUCKING TIME. As in, past tense.

          Reading comprehension.

          1. i know its past tense you dipshit, the fact that they even considered it makes it retarded.


            i know its a hard concept to understand.

            1. If anything, you’ve made yourself look like a dipshit by posting all that crap.

              So yeah, it’s hard to understand that you know what reading comprehension is, or that you exercise any of it by yourself, going by what you have shown here.

  2. well, adding the Obj.279 and Obj.726 would be one way of adding the Super-Heavy line talked about in the past, which, in terms of allowing more content, would allow to separate SHT line from Multi-Turreted line, and there’s also the ST-II to add as well, which means more content for the players but also an extra line for them to release a premium “trainer”, which they now seem to intend to use as an excuse for new premiums:
    «we have a rear turreted MT line? then we need a premium rear-turreted MT at tier 8 to train the crew
    what? we also have a rear turreted HT line, then we need a trainer for it as well»
    if these 2 are potentially the Tiers 9 and 10 of a new line then we absolutely can expect something along the lines as a premium Tier 8 to show up as well soon enough, still they aren’t far as greedy as Gaijin, but then again «2 wrongs don’t make 1 right»

    1. Russia already has twice as much tier 10 tanks than anyone else. We don’t need and we don’t want any more Russian tanks.

      1. yeah, and how will that wor out for you? we can all complain that we are tired of so many soviet Tier 10’s being added and that we which to see other imprtant issues fixed and/or adding content for other nations, but are you realy expecting them to listen to us? as long as the russian player base asks for it they will keep adding new soviet Tier 10’s, with them new premium tier 8’s as “trainers” and all we can do is either suck it up or stop playing the game, it is bad but if it serves as consolation just want to let you know we aren’t as far as in a bad spot in WoT as things are in War Thunder, and so for the better or for the worse WoT is still a little bit better and less frustrating

  3. The ‘V-shaped hull’ (if it can be even considered that anymore) are going to be seriously annoying to deal with. I foresee people driving around corners sideways on to their enemy and just getting tracked. The Obj. 257 is already bad enough… this thing? Its going to be more idiot-proof than an IS-3.

  4. Anyone else still reading the paragraph about “Soviet tree was weaker than its counterparts” and yet somehow it has the most tanks in it now?

    1. It had me laughing out loud. It looks like, even back then, they did not have any idea what “balanced” mean.

    2. Not just that it is probably the most expansive tree, the real burner is the “weaker than others”-part. Really? You do not even need to show up to CW without a russian medium. Before the advent of the superheavies and T110E5’s short time in the showlight, it was IS7 or GTFO. What the flying fuck are they smoking all the time?

  5. Why did they even bother modelling and giving it stats if it “won’t be introduced” then ?

    1. I think WG is just testing the waters to see if this thing can truly fit in or not

  6. Why even have tanks with no weakspots towards standard ammo? Gold spam and idiot-armor nids

      1. Well, if they added the a Swedish Arty line and have the Bandkanon 1 at tier 10, the 279 would probably shit his pants and run away. 15 shells in 45 seconds…

    1. Hello monkey, as you do not know how to read, please check this: grunt, monkey scream, monkey scream, eat poo, grunt, grunt, gold, scream, scream eat poo.

      1. Hmm. I have read this twice now and I think what we have is a job description for the map and balance departments at WG. Nice work.

  7. Armor that would make a T95 blush, penetration that would make a T95 sweat, DPM that would make TDs envious, and mobility that would make scouts yield the right of way.

    As much as I’ve wanted to see this tank, with these stats I just can’t see how it could ever be balanced enough for tier X.

  8. Its sides and rear dont seem terrible plus with its low hp pool other heavies with massive guns and HE should be able to smash it ( im looking at you E-100 & Type 5)

  9. Can’t we just take all of these soviet wonder tanks and put them in a separate game? The latest batch of them included, all the objects and other tanks that could never work in real life. Especially the 268 4.

      1. Why would I want to play modern tanks? What makes you think that anything I said means I want that crap?

    1. Soviets mad einsane amounts of wonky tank prototypes after ww2. I honestly have no idea why WG puts out imaginary blueprint tanks when they can make several new tech trees out of real prototypes alone.

      1. And if it was a strange, fetish-like admiration of the imaginary tanks, then why not make those in other nations as well? I’m not talking about the poles now, that’s for bringing in more cashcow customers. No, I speak of Nazi german Wunderwaffe and the likes.
        Oh, whatever.

  10. He is so OP that some players wonder if it will not be the tank for a kind of game like the one with Leviathan.

  11. Also only retards shoot gold ammo because they inflate their stats ahaha. I pitty those idiots playing similat tanks like me, using gold ammo and perform worse ahaha, ill get their IP number and send a dildo to them ahaha im so funn. Sieg hel.

  12. “This tank will likely not be introduced in the game”
    Considering some of the latest additions, I doubt this statement.

  13. Pls myk tahk dat onley weel bi penne baj tokenn spesiel ammo, plz imma bui dat tahk fastr thenn rabeet gett fuucke. Imma nid tajer 1o prem tahk, mi n mi kidd nid spesiel wehikle.

  14. Well if this thing come for a separate game mode the can why not add to it the FV4005 stage 1 autoloader 183mm, T58 Heavy, BANKANNON, Strumtiger.

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