1.0.2 Patch – Release Date

According to Russian sources, the 1.0.2 patch will arrive on the RU server on June 12, specifically on the night between June 11 and 12. Expect the EU/NA release a day later and the ASIA one a week later.

24 thoughts on “1.0.2 Patch – Release Date

  1. After this patch RU branches basically have all tank playstyles. Besides auto loader/reloader.

    K-91 basically covers Leopard 1 and Strvs.

      1. :O

        And miss most of it’s shots even having the best accuracy out of all MT tanks.

    1. > Besides auto loader/reloader.

      Shhhhhh don’t give anyone any weird ideas, next thing we need is something like an Object 140 that clips like a BatFart.

      1. You know that’s coming. WG’s getting desperate with ideas…. Enough to start introducing UFO tanks.

      1. land warfare naval warfare who gives a shit

        at least theres no homosexuals in artillery shooting you over and over because youre purple.

            1. i miss the old days with 1 part of the very old MM, the Matches with 15 Clicker Scums against another 15 Clicker Scums, where them could fuck their asses with their own shit.

              1. sounds awful, i startd playing WOT in 2016.

                The fact that arty exists in it’s current or past state just shows how stupid WG is.

                1. It’s for subhuman retards. They must have their fun too. When they can’t play real tanks

          1. but its still not scum like it is in WoT.
            in WoWs u can fight against CV even if u cant see it, because your AA kills his planes and Cv requires much more Skill, then Clicking needs in WoT.
            And in WoT u can kill the Clickers Granades with an AA or something else.

            1. Tier 4-5 carriers can only auto drop so they cant drop their bombs and torps really close, meaning you can avoid them easier.

              After that carriers become some-what similar to artillery unless you have good aa

  2. Hi,

    I just had a look at tanks.gg and I found a Japanese Heavy Premium Tier VIII, does anyone know about this tank?

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