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  1. still don’t get it why they chose to introduce the CA-B design at Tier 9 (as Buffalo) instead of the equally capable Cruisers that were actually built, both the Wichita and Oregon City Classes fit both tier 8 and 9 (they are really similar to Des Moines in both armour and main-guns), that way the Baltimore could be made Tier 8 and one of those take Tier 9
    there were also options for the Tier 6 and 7, the Northampton is clearly inferior to the Pensacola Class and would fit Tier 6 while the Portland Class had both more AA firepower and armour than the Pensacola and would be ideal for Tier 7 making the Pensacola Tier 6 as they did with the current line layout, the only difference is the turret layout (3×3 8″/55 instead of 2×2 + 2×3 8″/55 guns on the Pensacola)
    additionally the Northampton had 2×3 533mm Torpedo Launchers which would continue from the phoenix and Omaha up to the stock Pensacola (1941 hull) losing them with the hull-upgrade and beggining the all-gun artillery cruiser doctrine of the US Navy

    using all but real ships for the US Navy would mean that in the distant future they could add a second Heavy and Light Cruiser lines based on those «design study scheme’s», such as the Buffalo, the americans developed, among them are some “interesting” design concepts from WWI to the 1920’s, such as the Torpedo Battleships, usually 1 twin, triple or quadruple turret (14″) and 8~18 Torpedo Tubes, in fact I believe that WG should enable older US BBs to arm their submerged torpedo tubes, while other nations can fire several from the side the american BBs had 2 (by logic should be in the front) and coud help make a difference in head-on fights with the other nations that have better armour and/or better guns and sometimes even carry torps as well

    1. The u.s. designed and AA cruiser upgrade for the Omaha’s the removed all the main guns except the turrets, an stuff it full of AA, would love to see this in game.

      1. they also studied a design for an even lighter scout cruiser as compared to Omaha-class:
        preliminary design n.175
        scheme I: 5750 tons, 2x 8″ + 4x 5″ + 2x twin topedo tubes, speed 33.7 knots
        II: 6500 tons, 8x 6″ + 4x twin torpedo tubes, speed 32.4 knots
        III: 6500 tons, 8x 6″ + 4x twin torp tubes, speed 34.2 knots
        IV: 5750 tons, 2x 8″ + 4x 5″ + 4x twin torp tubes, speed 32.8 knots

        and the Northampton-class started as a preliminary design for a 10,000 tons light cruiser (CL-26, later renamed CA-26, 4x 8″ turrets, nº of guns not specified)

        and many other preliminary designs, many of them include cruisers with 12″ and 14″ guns, and the there are the Large Cruisers (Battlecruisers) or the Max Battleships, there are also plenty of Real Life and design counterparts for the Tier II Mikasa and other older premium BBs, those are interesting premiums but may be too much seal-clubbing

        1. Would love to see more predrenaughts , I would even play them at tier three, and the maximums would be great,

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