24 May: World of Tanks 1.0.1_6 Micropatch

NA (no info for the other servers yet):

Micropatch will be applied at:

World of Tanks NA – 04:00 AM (Central Time) May 24th, 2018

• Fixed the issue when the vehicle tier icon disappeared in the Frontline mode when selecting another vehicle in the Garage.
• Fixed the issue related to improper display of textures on some objects in the Frontline mode.
• Fixed some technical issues.

Downtime: is planned about 45 minutes

Planned restarts on this day will be cancelled.

3 thoughts on “24 May: World of Tanks 1.0.1_6 Micropatch

  1. one day, one patch…maybe WG could pay for a real QA department instead of trainees…

  2. And of course they never announced it on the EU servers, fucking incompetent cunts.
    They can peddle their shit with in-game pop-ups but they can’t let us know about patches and restarts.

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