Murazor Demoted from Balance Dept.

Apparently Murazor has been demoted from the WoT Balance Department and will now work as Slava Makarov’s consultant of R&D (however will be a subordinate to Slava). The balance department is led by Yuriy Filipovskiy who is quoted in WG clips as “Lead Balance Designer”.


Rumor has it that Murazor’s stance to the community (as an example; see his latest Q&A) was not appreciated by Wargaming, which led to this decision.

Murazor has made himself famous with statements like:  “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”.

Let’s hope that no future Obj 268 V4s will be allowed into the game!


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    1. I would’ve said “thrown in orbit so he can’t fuckup balance in any other game”, but I guess it is close enough of “fired”.

  1. I’m actually thinking all of the super testers need to get replaced. They failed prevent any balancing fuxk ups for all the last many years….

    1. In the end the head of the department decides on final parameters of course. When the vehicle goes on the live servers, he is the one responsible for approving it.

    2. It’s not the super testers fault. It’s the devs team’s fault for drawing wrong conclusions from the test results.

  2. If all maps were enabling flanking tactics, heavies could be kinda impenatrable. More like how they are now. But as long as we have to fight on shitmaps like Paris with Tigers and IS’s against Type 4’s, it doesn’t look like a good idea. Does it?

    1. And if they are impenatrable frontally, they should have weak sides and back. They also need low traverse speeds, so that they are fucked when flanked. That way it would require skill to make the heavy tank concept work.

      1. And removal of gold ammo of course. No, all tanks should have some weakspots, like in the old days. Most tanks face eachother frontaly anyways.

        1. More like rebalance of goldammo. The principle should be simple: more pen? Less damage!

          They should nerf the HP of some heavies, but I don’t think that would be an issue.

          1. I would rather suggest rework of the entire damage mechanic. Make so that you can do more or less damage depending on your ammo and when you’re shooting. Like for example, shooting HEAT into fuel tanks does shit damage. But I guess it will be way too complicated for the general playerbase because god forbid that you’ll actually need to learn something. Accuracy would need some reworks as well.

              1. It’s actually almost impossible to light fuel tanks on fire with HEAT if they’re full, fuel will eat that shit up. AP will create enough spall to go through that no problem.

        2. @Pawel: Your argument makes no sense at all. Especially the parts “should have” + “in the old days”… First of all, tanks where not designed with weakspots as some kind of obligation, why would anyone do that? Imagine Henschel designing the Tiger I tank, and adding the machine gun port on the front, not for better anti-infantry fighting capabilities, but rather in order to give those poor Russian tanks a chance. Do you realise how weird that sounds? Secondly, “in the old days”, tanks did not fight on the distances that we fight on in WoT. The distances in reality were much, much longer. This allowed tanks to have small parts with weaker armor without it directly affecting the armors effectiveness of the tank. A commanders cupola or a machine gun port on +1’000 meters distance is extremely difficult to hit. Thus, you can’t translate a “WoT weakspot” into a “realistic weakspot” without first adjusting the other parameters like distances, aiming, ballistic physics etc. So no, if we want to design WoT with realism in mind, it’s perfectly viable to implement tanks without frontal weakspots. The problem we have ingame right now is NOT that tanks doesn’t have frontal weakspots, it’s rather about bad maps that force us to fight in a corridor and also premium ammo that allow players to pay more credits in order to lol-pen almost anything frontally while players that can’t afford premium ammo sit in the same spot and bounce shell after shell. Lastly, your last statement, that tanks fight eachother frontally, is just further proof of tank designers doing all they possibly could to avoid “real” weakspots on the front of any tank that were designed to withstand incoming anti-tank shells.

  3. Why even have gold ammo to beginn with? If all tanks would have some weakspots then it would not be an issue. Most older tanks had weakspots anyways, only the new ones lack weakspots or those that got armor buffed in HD model. That is silly. Game concept was better before in terms of armor and standard pen. Heavys are not the issue, only some HTs are but so are MTs whick lacks turret weakspots and have very angled upper plates. Some TDs are also problematic as they lack weakspots as well and/or are mobile enought to not get flanked. Game is a mess.

    WG knows what needs to be fixed, armor, gold ammo, arty, maps and powercreep but yet they don’t seem to understand it as all recent changed enhance these issues rather than solve them.

  4. By buffing armor and allowing gold ammo, that just tells the players “spend more credits to pen tanks you could pen before with AP”. That is bad game decision. If WG really wanted to “buff” armor they would remove gold ammo entierly and give back tanks real strong spots and real weakspots, because lets face it no tank can or should be totally immunte frontaly to same tier tanks of the same type. Now, not all HTs on the same tier can pen eachother frontaly with AP, some MTs are also having issues fighting eachother frontaly with standard ammo due to removal of weskspots. Even some TDs load heat to fight eachother due to extremely small weakspots frontaly.

    High armor doesnt mean you are immune, it means you have armor that nobody can pen in certan situation e.g. staying hull down or angling frontal armor, or hiding your lower plate behind a slope or obstacle, or having turret weakspots which cant get penned from distance or wiggling. All these tactics used back in the days are invalid to tome extend due to gold ammo. I was playing my E75 the other day and everybody shooting heat, penning the upper plate even as well as turret front etc. even lower tiers blated thru my lower plate with is like 225-230mm effective… no gold ammo is SHIT concept. I also watched a E100 get penned time after time in the turret face by a WZ, so much for armor value right?

  5. Now just hope the entire balance department gets canned and replaced with new blood, because the current department can’t balance jack.

    1. The balance department has had many people, sadly not a single one of them has managed to created balanced tanks the last 4 years. As I have said, they wish not to create a balanced game because then people would not buy premium account to afford gold ammo spam. They could have done many less game changing feature for players to pay for such as custom paintjobs and 3d parts etc. But no they didn’t, Instead they keep on releasing more and more OP premiums and powercreep tech tree tanks in order for people to spend money on XP and spamming gold.

      Even the maps are retarded they put hills and double bushes on the most idiotic places as well add hull down spots to stall down the game. And those maps that offered alternative flanking routes for close and medium quarter gameplay, well those maps got booted. In the end…all changes are made so that you perform better by using gold ammo and play the latest tier 8 premiums or tier 10 tech tree tanks.

      They must do these changes bu purpose, or their supertest team sucks because they don’t seem to discover obvious flaws with game balance. And then we have arty still doing 300-600 dmg on regular basis to lower tier tanks AND stun them. Arty rebalance didn’t change anything, it only “removed” 1 shot capabilities and high alpha strikes.

  6. I got a better idea for his job: Facility manager. Far away from any chance to mess up the game.

  7. So, we found the evil mastermind that ruined the game balance, introduced gold ammo, single-handedly created all the monster tanks and the lousy corridor maps, all this while bathing in blood of virgins and eating children…

    99% of the problems were long before he joined the ranks of WG, he himself used to point them out and lament the inability of WG staff to change things obviously need changing.

    So he got hired, came with high hopes and expectations, felt on his flesh the working of an evil corporation, slow and complicated in the moves like a gigantic jellyfish. One man cannot make a difference, and if he managed to influence something, good for him, I’m not sure I would do better.

    What I am sure of, is the inability of most haters here to hold a job of equal complexity, this comes directly from the inability to understand the works of a single man, not executive of some king, not majority shares owner, just a pawn worker of WG.

    1. Pretty much exactly right.

      This guy isn’t responsible for the game’s 5034924823 flaws, and even if he is aware of them and wants them changed, not gonna happen.

      Slava Makarov (the big fish) will not remove arty.

      So there ya go.

    2. So now Murazor goes by the name of Roman in the comments?
      The game had some issues before he WAS IN CHARGE of balance (not a pawn!!!), but what he did made a fun game with some flaws a source of frustration and a pay to win game.

  8. Guys, its not like this is important, he wasn’t making any decisions anyway. I really doubt he is responsible for the Type 5, 268 v4, 4005, 183, arty BS problems.

    1. I see 4005 and 183 there and get triggered. What’s wrong with them?

      1. there is always a dude who complains about every tank that he can’t deal with. fv4005 and 183 are completely fine

  9. After all, Victor Kislyi needs Dev’s he can blame “his” failures on. He needs people he can demote, fire, etc to manage his failed, fraudulent, unethical, swindle game. Give’s him time to concentrate on the bigger operation of money laundering over at Hellenic Bank in the meantime.

  10. I find it very hard to believe Murazor, as a single person in his position, is solely responsible for all the bad development decisions over the past two years.

    Especially for a company as large as Wargaming, where each decision would have been analyzed and approved by several people higher up, like mister face a.k. Pankov.
    Or visa verse DICTEDED to the individual dev teams.

    That is why I find it very hard to believe Murazor was solely responsible and why I think not a lot will change. The folks running the show aren’t stupid and he can conveniently functions as a scapegoat atm.

  11. I think this game is hopeless now, but Good Luck Yuriy Filipovskiy!

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