Murazor Demoted from Balance Dept.

Apparently Murazor has been demoted from the WoT Balance Department and will now work as Slava Makarov’s consultant of R&D (however will be a subordinate to Slava). The balance department is led by Yuriy Filipovskiy who is quoted in WG clips as “Lead Balance Designer”.


Rumor has it that Murazor’s stance to the community (as an example; see his latest Q&A) was not appreciated by Wargaming, which led to this decision.

Murazor has made himself famous with statements like:  “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”.

Let’s hope that no future Obj 268 V4s will be allowed into the game!


IS-6's armour changes in 9.14

As you’re aware already, the IS-6 will be reworked to HD in the incoming update, and as such, its armour is getting changed. A thread on the US forums from an admin resumed the changes (the link is at the end of the article), so here they are, for those who don’t have a look at the forums 🙂
Legend :

  • + improved
  • = didn’t change
  • +/- partially improved or worsened (with overall balance as result)
  • – worsened


Before the 9.14 patch :

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9.14 patch and beyond :

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+ Cupola has been decreased in size
+ Turret roof has been decreased in size
+ The driver’s hatch is now increased in size (this is a good thing, as you will notice in the next section)
+ The gap between the track and the fender has been decreased slightly
= The Lower glacis is decreased in size, but is also slighter weaker
= The height of the vehicle is slightly shorter
= Tracks have become noticeably bigger and now comprise external elements of the suspension. This will also make the tank easier to “track”.
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