Murazor Q&A

From his YouTube channel. Translated and compiled by vlad19998

Q: Did Murazor get fired? A: There were some youtube videos being made about me being fired from WG. Unfortunately for many of my haters out there, I did not get fired. The main reason I came back to youtube was not because I want money from youtube, but because I want to make videos for people that are still subscribed to me.

Q(from commenters to other commenters): Do you really believe that Murazor alone can change the entire game? A(from Murazor): A lot of people falsely assume that I am the director of the World of Tanks balancing project. I have been a part of replacing certain vehicles in tech trees, and I have had some direct impact on some things in the game. However, I am not in charge of global game changes. In fact, the job of being balance director belongs to Slava Makarov currently.

Q: Can you explain the logic behind some balancing changes, for example why Japanese Heavy Tanks received high caliber HE guns? A: Because Japanese heavies were rarely played in the past, and the main objective was to reanimate the tech tree and give these tanks their own special feature to make them more interesting. Because Japanese Heavy tanks were intertwined with the Japanese Naval Forces in aspects like gigantic sizes, high caliber weapons, etc. we decided to give the tanks high caliber HE weapons. Many other commenters said that this was a bad change, and that not a lot of people like having to deal with Japanese HE guns, but I personally believe that the only thing that is too strong about these tanks currently is the fact that they are too well armored in certain places. In my personal experiences against Japanese Heavies, it was common for the machine to fire off only one shot before being eaten apart by its enemies. If, for example, a T-54 were to get around to your side, it means certain death because these machines are not capable of doing much in head to head combat.

Q: Will limited matchmaking tanks get buffed/changed? A: Here it is important to stress that I have very limited power over the final decision being made about changing limited mm tanks. What I personally stress about this issue is that pref mm needs to be taken away from all tanks(while the tanks are buffed accordingly). However, this brings up the issue that tanks like E-25 do not necessarily need to be changed since the tank feels great in its current state, while the KV-5 needs to be balanced to have more armor and better gun stats to be battling tier 10s. Both the E-25 and the KV-5 have pref mm, but very different balancing changes have to be made to these machines. Of course, to balance these vehicles stat-wise is very easy and can be done fast, however there are a lot of legal aspects the company has to worry about, and this is not within my power to worry about. If you are looking for specific answers, talk with Slava at a fest event because it is a hard thing for me to answer.

Q: What is your duty exactly at WG and when are you getting relieved? A: My “duty” in this company is an interesting topic for discussion. It is important to stress that my position name and the things I do at WG may not necessarily go hand in hand. I answer some questions, I make some small decisions, I may do some more direct things in the future, but my job title will not really tell you much at all about what I actually do. Like I said before, I am not getting relieved.

Q: How did Object 268 Version 4 happen? A: The only connection I have to this tank is its looks. I have been tasked to search for a potential replacement tank, and I decided that Obj 268 V 4 looked potentially balanceable and the model itself looked good. Yes, I was one of the people that picked out blueprints for a potential replacement, but I had nothing to do with the balancing of this vehicle. I played this tank, and I did not personally think it was overpowered, instead I thought of it as a more weird tank than overpowered tank. Following from the winrate of this vehicle, I can say that it is a good tank, thus, as you can see from the supertest changes, this vehicle received some negative changes. This will not change the playstyle or anything, but nevertheless it is a nerf to the main characteristics of the tank. I don’t see a reason to create such whine and drama about this tank. The tank has good frontal armor, however gets penned very easily in the sides through its tracks. The problem may not solely pertain to Object 268 V-4, given how many maps in the game have tunneled gameplay.

Q: Have my views changed since I started working at WG? A: Yes, since I saw how things worked on the inside rather on the outside, my views on certain topics have changed. Though, it is not like I believe that the game is in a perfect state or anything of the sort. I believe the game has gotten better however. Many people say that the game became worse, but I think it is better than it used to be, especially with update 1.0, the game became a lot more fresh for me. Yes some maps are not perfectly balanced, but welcome to the real world, where nothing is truly ideal.

Q: If you could change one thing in this game right now, what would it be? A: If I had to make a choice, I would say buff Tiger II. E-100 is well armored, E-75 is well armored, the Tiger II is a mess. It does not fulfill its role as a heavy tank. Though, its armor is historical and changing things too drastically could prove to be a challenging task.

Closing Remarks(By Murazor): I strongly believe that besides very few exceptions, every tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks are competitive and there are no truly awful tanks at those tiers. Lots of people are asking about the WZ-111 5A and Super Conqueror. 5A is an excellent tank in hands of skilled players, but it is much easier to kill than an IS-7. Super Conqueror, once hull down is absolutely unstoppable, but it has weak side armor and once the lower plate is exposed, it is easily taken out of the game as well. Same deal with the FV 4005 Stage 2; it is very vulnerable and is easily destroyed. Balancing such a huge game is an exceptionally hard task. It is like attempting to solve an unsolvable mathematical equation. However, we can always attempt to make it better. Same deal with gold ammo. If we just took it out of the game, it would probably cause a huge whine. For such a huge company to take such a risky move is dangerous. Consequently, such global changes may take a longer period of time to fix.

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  1. “E-100 is well armored” “hello, I have not played the game for three years and I talk about balancing tanks”

    1. It is well armored when people fire AP, how ever comparing to tanks like is7 etc. which only can be penned in the lower plate with gold, then yes E100 is outdated. In the end, what mess with the balance is gold ammo and arty and it always were. Remove gold ammo and arty and give tanks real weakspots and strong spots and game will be good again. Murazor is a joke, if you remove gold ammo then you can give tanks weakspots again so people can pen if they aim and position correctly.

      It is embarracing that WG belives that gold ammo needs to exist just so people can pen tanks. Well they buff penetration on AP shells then and introduce weakspots, like it was in the old days. How can they blame the “need” for gold ammo when themselves overbuffed armor on some tanks and allowed gold ammo for credits? LOL.

      1. Like I’ve always said, WG completely unbalanced WoT when they made gold rounds Freemium rounds and didn’t rebalance them to cope with the increased use. Before we had to pick and choose when to use these precious rounds and now you see players who fire only gold ammo without a second thought.

    2. ”however gets penned very easily in the sides through its tracks.”

      V hull you scumbag your not penning that dirtbag.

      1. I mean, it’s broken as shit, but that doesn’t change that you’re flat-out wrong. The sides are 80mm and completely flat behind the tracks.

  2. Murazor
    *** Unfortunately for many of my haters out there, I did not get fired.

    still sponging of Wargame at Nicosia and now back sponging of Wargame at Minsk

    its so true what they say “so long as you lick the right arse(s) as often as possible” it really don’t matter how completely shit at the job you are

    this moron (or is he?) who got his job slagging off WG now has a job for life, and well paid job at that
    ………. doing nothing much

  3. lol this guy is such a moron.

    268 V4 – “I played this tank, and I did not personally think it was overpowered, instead I thought of it as a more weird tank than overpowered tank.”

    “E-100 is well armored”

    1. “E-100 is well armored”
      Clearly, he hasn’t played much higher skilled games, such as Ranked and Clan Battles. Or even tier 10 strongholds. :/

    2. The thing is, the E100 IS well armored, but that’s only half the picture.
      The other half is that everyone has access to “press 2 to win’ ammo and cleaves though the turret with ease.

      He isn’t *wrong*, but he’s being disingenuous about it.
      Like someone saying that 10€ will get you a great meal at a restaurant.
      It’s very true that it can….in Croatia.
      But since you’re on the Champs d’Elysées where you’re lucky to find a glass of orange juice for that price, it’s just not the case.

      1. the issue with the E100 is not the armor thickness, it’s the effective armor due to poor angling, the turrtet face is also huge and even with parkinsons you can hit it.

        Easy pens all day long.

        E100 turret should be similar to maus turret in that the entire thing isnt an easy pen.

  4. I strongly believe that besides very few exceptions, every tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks are competitive and there are no truly awful tanks at those tiers.

    Yeah sure, let’s ignore the fact that there exists the Obj. 252u. And the Skorpion G. And the AMX M4 45. And the Nameless.

    No truly awful tanks, sure. Such words are said by the kind of people who hasn’t played WoT long enough.

  5. What i dont understand is all of his arguments about tanks being super easy to pen from the side just ignore the fact that almost on no map is there an easy way to flank heavies. I could name the all the maps and point out how that is impossible. He has no clue what he´s talking about. Its almost insulting to think that he has some hand in balancing the game. How are you going to get to the sides of most of these tanks? Also instead of taking the blame for what he is doing he passes it on to the Map department presumably for corridor maps. Did he play those tanks in the middle of a field these maps have been in the game for a very long time I don´t understand how anyone could have thought that obj 268 v4 was balanced.

    1. He played the 268 v4 on Steppes and drove through the middle of the map, and died while blocking 6000 damage and dealing 632.

      Easy side pens.

  6. That guy is a complete debil. “any people say that the game became worse, but I think it is better than it used to be, especially with update 1.0, the game became a lot more fresh for me”
    Update 1.0 changed ONLY the fuckin graphics! How can grapics only increase the quality of the game? A pile of shit is on pink and 4k still a pile of shit, but looks just a bit different.
    Fuckin incompetend debil idiot. Every idiot could do his job better.

    1. I wouldn’t say it became better or worse, it just became a different game. The meta shifted.

  7. WG should really hire like 10+ players from top clans with like 3500+ WN8 to help them with balancing. Even a developer of this game cannot balance it properly since he is 500 wn8 player of his own game, it is obvious, his task is to make the game not play it well, but once some balancing needs to be done, only the true masters in this game will tell you how, not some random decisitions based off of supertest.

    If there were enough super unicums in super test, 268 v4 would never see the live version of the game.

    1. A supertest player should have at least a 52% winrate and several tier 10’s in his garage. Now every banana can get a supertester. And they are all Russian.

      The problem can be solved very easily, involve the CC’s in this. Circon, QB, Dez, etc. all have a good view on the game and they get a lot of input from their own community. Besides, you can watch them all play live while commentating on the tanks they are playing. It’s that easy.

      1. That’s how they got this asshole, though. Of course, numerous people have observed that they managed to find pretty much the one unicum who absolutely no one else would have picked for the job.

  8. “The problem may not solely pertain to Object 268 V-4, given how many maps in the game have tunneled gameplay.”

    Well at least someone from WG admits it… 🙁

    1. I wondered about that commitment, too.

      lets hope that actions follow those words.

      1. Well, how many TDs would go out in the open if maps were more open? They would camp bush and stay hull down so you wouldnt be able to pen them anyways or spot them…Murazor is a joke.

  9. geez looking at his answers, and he wonders why nobody in the community likes him

  10. Nice work there. Reading it is faster than watching the video, so you are giving added value again. Anyway, who is this Murazor and what role does he play at WG? A context piece would be nice here

    1. WG is too busy overbuffing the T-44 and its 87 clones to care about T-34-2. Sad truth.

      1. The T44 has a stronger turret than many tier 8 HTs and DPM and gun handling better than some paper armor MTs on tier 8.

  11. How the hell the he still have a damm job ? Honestly people like Murazor should be exterminated by the government to cull the herd

    1. Probably knows a few of the higher ups, or at least thats how he got the job in the first place.

  12. Well, the kv4 is well armored and it performs worse than tiger II, what about vk45a and t32 they have far too low pen for current meta. Murazor is distant from the game, all tier 8 tanks are powercreeped by newer tanks and tier 8 premiums. T-32-3, indien panzer TVU, all are worse than tiert 8 premium MTs. Tiger II at least has a good gun and pen, but other tanks are less fortiunate on tier 8. And tier 8 suffer from MANY tech tree tanks which are outdated. Tier 9 is not so bad because there are hardly any tier 9 premiums.

    1. Tiger 2 is the worst tier 8 tank in the game.

      It is literally penned everywhere by non gold ammo from tier 8s, turret face, cupola, upper plate, lower plate, sides, rear, etc.

  13. Tiger 2 definitely needs a buff, Murazor agreed, but explained the current situation caused by “Historical Accuracy”, all the imaginary tanks easily overbuffed, while historical tanks with real measurements and data cannot stray far from reality.

    I remember several occasions in the past when he himself raged at similar explanations provided by WG. I guess things look different from the inside.

    All the real buff/nerf decisions are made way up the corporate ladder, if not at the very top, because of the far reaching consequences. Murazor and his level of coworkers only suggest possible changes.

  14. If they buff Tiger II DPM to the level of Tiger I at the very least (which is one tier lower in the same line, mind you), I might play it again. For current DPM, it’s just not attractive for the second line HT role that it might be able to occupy. Just compare it to the new Caernavon, the difference is laughable.

  15. The guy is obviously retarded. Of course we the players can have some biased shitty opinions about tanks that we like or hate. But clearly we have gone quite a lot farther than just biased opinions when it comes to the Defender or the 268 V4.
    Murazor is just a lunatic.

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