Global Map Season 8 – Incorrect Clan Camouflage

Straight from the Customer Service Department:

Some of you may have noticed that the camouflage received is not the same as the one shown in the screenshots:

The developer team is aware of this and is now working on a solution to the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.

4 thoughts on “Global Map Season 8 – Incorrect Clan Camouflage

  1. 2 cent advise for devs, put a damn popup alert when applying a reward clanwar camo! Is not written anywhere that once applied it will not be possible to remove it like normal camo. Is it too hard to implement this? I had to find it on reddit that you change this mechanics with a silent micropatch in January. Or just give us the chance to remove them with gold like with the equipment, more money for you stupid greedy wg.

  2. I like the ine I got and would prefer to own them.

    hopefully I became both or leave the one I got instead of changing 😀

    but we will see how they fix that.

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