39 thoughts on “Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf) – aftermath

  1. “these are early yet, and will go through several rounds of testing and data/feedback review before being considered for the live server”

    Yeah OK asshole, just like the 268 4 had “several rounds of testing and data/feedback review” before being released to the live server?

    What a fucking joke.

    1. We all know that they don’t even fucking care about our opinion. They tested 252u, grille 15 and 268v4 throughly and still decided to release them in an op state. And then after everyone paid money to grind(for the grille and 268v4), they say “oh fuck it is too powerful, let’s nerf it”

      Simply they do this to grab money from us.

    2. yes, but who tested it? according to data from the test server there was no need to change/nerf it because everyone shoots premium ammo, so how exactly can they truly test it wihtout it’s release?
      don’t forget that the average level of skill from the players on a random battle is far lower than a match between supertesters, until it goes live they can’t exactly predict how badly the majority of the players will fare against those tanks, of course that is not the same as saying they have no fault in it but they at least don’t take a full year to make changes and balance what’s wrong

      1. Even if every tank is only firing gold, it’s pretty damn easy to see 268 V4 is OP.

        Even if you’re a 2000/1000/500/200 wn8 player you can see 268 v4 is OP.

        There’s no excuse to releasing the 268 v4 in it’s state other than the fact the people in charge of balance are genuinely fucking idiots.

        SPGs still exist and they can literally do over 1000 damage to tier 10 tanks and stun them for 20 seconds with one shot. They used to EASILY be able to do 2000 damage to even heavily armored tanks with one hit.

        You actually think the people in charge of balance know what they’re doing?

  2. I’m waiting riots about E25 🙂 If peoples are so mad about KV5, we just can imagine, what gonna be when WG will decide to change this op td 🙂

    1. I guess they will give the E25 the long 75mm Panther currently has. Then it will have sufficient penetration to fight against tier IX. But it surely will become even more op as the long 75mm is overkill to lower tiers.

      1. no, the E25 would look too awkward with the L/100, a possible change is simply changing the default ammo from AP to the current premium ammo (APCR), that would give it similar standard to the L/100 (194mm vs 198m), together with it’s size it could work at a MM T5~T7~T9 even without getting a new premium ammo, which I am sure WG could find some experimental round to replace it

        the increase in penetration would mean nothing different for lower tiers since 150mm were already enough to beat anything of Tier 5 and 6

    2. The E25 in the hands of a ‘average WOT player which is around a 48% win rate’ are not that great in fact its not even remotely OP at all. they rush in and die, camp a bush all game then die

      ~ only when good experienced players play it with 50% win rate does it start to get OP ~ but its only the camo-value that’s OP, without that camo bonus the T6 75mm gun is meh, as is the E25

      Its the PLAYER that is OP here not the E25
      a poor player yeah here and there a good game on average however a Good player + E25 now that’s a HUGE difference
      Same as any tank though, yes?

      1. E25 is too strong but people just dont really give a fuck because its only tier 7.

        Nobody gives a shit about anything below tier 8.

        Too fast with too high camo.

        E25 is a better scout than every tier 7 light tank, and it’s gun is better, and its camo is better, and DPM.

        1. E-25 is a turretless T67 with half a second faster reload at 2 tiers higher.
          The dpm looks insane but tbh with 135mm pen and not that much ammo (at this tier with this rof and dmg you empty the load quickly) the tank ends up being well balanced.
          It’s already borderline unplayable against any tier 8 heavy, let alone tier 9.

          -if it gets a pen buff, nothing will change for lower tiers, it’ll just be able to play against tier 8s.
          -if it gets downtiered, it’s still a downgrade from the T67 because of the turret, despite the slight dpm increase
          -if it gets full mm at the same tier and doesnt get an additionnal 10-20 ammo it’ll be useless

          Seriously the E-25 is an average tank. The only reason it’s so dangerous is because good players know how to use camo and know where to aim. The average player will die in seconds because he’ll play it like a scout or misuse the camo.
          Same goes with the skorpion: big gun deals impressive damage, turret, but no camo and huge profile, which means good players will do really good in it because it’s a fast borsig, but average players will get spotted after their first shot and die.

          Dont blame the tank for being too good. It’s just that not all players are retards.

          With tanks like 252U however, even a complete moron can do well in it. Same for the T67: even being retarded you still get a tier 5 with a turret, good camo, good mobility and a dpm insane even for tier 7s.

          1. if E25 is balanced why does it dominate nearly everything (per vb addict) ?

            I looked it up once, not gonna bother again, but E25 (stat) wise totally dominated tier 7 games, i believe it had the highest spotting, DPG, win rate, etc.

            1. Wonder how much MONEY Wargame gets from selling the E25 over and over again and recently as well in the not be missed ‘specials’
              a fucking lot!

              its one of WG best selling Premiums simply because of its ‘fearsome’ reputation
              If they NERF the E25?
              who will buy it?

              You really think a money grabbing miser company like WG will kill off its own GOLEN GOOSE?
              without Premiums WG make no real money

              and yeah,
              at some time “Special get the Defender” will happen again in EU
              nonmatter what WG says in Forums ………. there money grabbing cunts you see.

      2. The E25 has high view range combined with high camo value and high DPM. An E25 that shoots all-premium shell is simply a machine gun on the field. It is OP in nature.

    3. If they re-equilibrate the E25, they will maybe put it at its historical size, meaning 25-30% bigger can currently.

    4. The E-25 is probably singlehandedly preventing Frontlines from ever being viable for tier 7. That thing would be absolutely gamebreaking on that giant map.

      1. Tier 5 frontline would be full of KV-1 and T67 and tier 6 full of O-I and T-34-85M tanks. And it wouldn’t be much fun to play most of the other tanks in that mode either.

  3. But anyways ~
    The forum page in just the 1 day its now over 50 pages long! and its around 75% negative mostly WG shove it up your stinking ass (or worse

    It seems WG cannot fathom at all we paid real CASH money for those PMM tanks not useless GOLD however they pretty it up –
    WG are so money grabbing cunts at times, really are

    the players want a full refund from those miser WG shitters

  4. No shit players are unhappy.
    Even if the deal is interesting, you’re still asking us to pay more money if we are not satisfied with the way you change the tank we already paid real money for.
    As someone already mentionned: what if we dont like the tank and already own most premiums ?

    If there was a third option for a complete cash refund it would be fine. But since the money we spent stays inside the game, we want it to be as worth it to us as it was when we first spent it. That’s only logical.

    So unless those special deals include some very rare tanks (defender, alien, afkpanther, pzV/VI, ISU-130) you can’t just expect players to be happy when told “here, you paid 30€ before to get this tank, and we’re gonna change it and remove the feature that made here special. Now either deal with it or give us another 10€ to change it to something else. You won’t get your 30€back.”

    Also his logic is very flawed. He mentionned the case of the KV5 which is 4k cheaper than regular tier 8s. What about the IS-6 or T-34-3 though ? They already cost over 40€, I’m not gonna pay anything else for them just because WG decided that now is the time to change them.

    1. Does it matter what the original cost was to be honest? What if you bought it 30% off or something?

      Point is people had bought these tanks for their characteristics (not saying these should stay broken OP if they are were whatever) and the limiter tier MM.

      Now when WG themselves had power creeped Tier 8 so much (even with prem tanks) that they had almost became completely useless vs the same tier equivalent or “freshly” introduced Tier 9 broken crap.

      They should be offering a completely free swap or full refund and that is the end of it.

    2. really, after all that you still think you are paying more? so you have a Tier 8 premium HT valued in 7500 gold, after the changes you decide «I’m not having it, I don’t like how it plays and want to trade it» then WG gives you 7500gold and you take those to the store and realise you don’t have enough for a tier 8 premium HT and can only exchange for a Tier 8 MT, instead WG offers you the chance to put 2000gold from your pocket and save at least an extra 2500gold you would need to get a T34 or 3000G to get a Lowe

      in the end other players have to pay 12000G or 12500G for those (or wait until they are on discount) but you can get any of them for 9500G, and you still think you are paying more?

      if you don’t want to get involved in all of this you can simply keep it, I’m sure that sooner or later they will make it OP at tier 8 like it always had been in the past

      1. Who cares what the value is?

        If you pay some or a company to do floor tiling in your home and after some years the mortar is starting to let go.

        Would you have them fix it under warranty or would you pay the same company again to make it proper again? Probably not.

        Same rule of principles apply here.

        Did you pay them money for a certain feature set and pref MM? Yes.
        Did they make prem MM tanks bloody horrible to play in the current MM with all the power creeped POS? Yes.
        Should they fix it for free? Yes.
        Would I pay money again for the same tank? No.

        If you have a KV-5 or an IS-6 chances are pretty high that you had bought one of the reasons they are obsolete, the bloody Object 252 or Defender if you will. Not even for the armor, but the penetration that comes with it.

        So yes I would rather have my 7500 gold back for the KV-5 as I don’t need a T-34 or a Lowe in my garage.

        Also knowing WG this would become a new milking trend. They would put some semi underpowered tank that a bit cheaper in the shop, then after 3 ot 6 months after they would offer a buffed version for extra money…

  5. They will be so fucked if only 1% of the angry owners take the time to make a complaint with the EU organizations. And it’s pretty easy, fill in some forms and then enjoy the EU going to slap some fines on WG.
    EU tends to have a bias towards the customer and a little aversion against the big companies, see the fines they slapped on Microsoft, Google, Amazon.

  6. Wow, imagine how much easier life would be for wg if they figured out that the root problem isn’t pref mm, but the 2 tier mm spread they refuse to acknowledge. All they need to do is set the system they currently have to prioritze 5/10 matches and mm might even border on good.

    1. No, komrade. You just do not understand. All players have spoken and told us how wonderful new 3/5/7 MM is. You have 7 other tanks you can choose to fight as bottom tier, you only need to find a way to get to them thanks to our tunnel map design.

      1. Hahaha! But really, they really state that players like the 3/5/7 system. I wonder who told them that after 9.19.

    2. WG says it would increase the time needed to wait for enough players for the game.
      For me I would rather wait longer then to fight in a 357 mm shit.
      The +-2 mm system is a joke, and they refused to change it even though they did in blitz, not to mention blitz has a smaller player base.

  7. WG spends years fucking up the game balance, the matchmaker and power creeping all the old premiums whether they had preferred MM or not. Now they have the balls to tell us that our tanks aren’t worth as much Defenders so OF COURSE WE SHOULD PAY THEM the difference. Russians have no idea how markets work.

  8. yeah, pay 2k+ gold to buy some overpriced piece of shit, and STILL deal with T10 fucktards???
    no thanks, give us a full fucking refund so we can get T7 tanks instead

    fuck anyone that thinks a KV-5 should face Deathstars , or have to pay MORE for the “priveledge” to do so with another fucking tank


  9. WG continues to stick their head in the sand and deliberately ignore that the entire problem is thanks to this idiotic 3/5/7 system. They’ll twist the entire game beyond recognition just to avoid admitting that changing the MM was a mistake.

    1. The MM itsself is not the Problem, the Problem was in 9.19 to force the 357 first, not the Way it was at 9.18 with 0 0 15 first

  10. I’ll mention again:

    1) Some players have a lot of pref mm prem tanks. At 2000 gold thats $20 AUD. Say I have 10 (I have close to that) that’s $200 AUD!. Just to swap tanks, when I’ve already paid full prices for the pref mm prem tanks before!, and never played them because they got left behind in the powercreep!!.

    2) What is a player going to trade them for, when they already got all the premium tanks!?.

    3) while i’m here….lets bump the kv5 up to fight tier 10s, but we MUST REDUCE the side and rear armour?!. Is this russian logic?.

    1. because its a 100 tons heavy tank, so we need to reduce the plates, that it has no armor but that high weight

  11. More Wargaming Abominations:

    -Rips off customer base who paid and supported their game by buying tier 8’s, (pref mm tanks), tells lies, breaks promises to take short cuts to suit themselves, does not consult customer base = Abominations.

    -Allows tanks like Tier X Russian TD 268 v 4 to Roam the Game Super-OP Russian Bias confirmed = Abomination.

    – So your grinds will get harder and longer now to Tier X’s and ability to make Silver/Credits for the Tier 8’s you paid real money for now. Highway Robbery = Abomination ( And Fraud )

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