KV-2 (R) available on EU


Price around 26 €.



The KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok with a special Warhammer 40,000 style sows the seed of destruction in any encounter, thanks to its powerful 152 mm gun.

Also included is a crew for this vehicle with the “Brothers in Arms” perk, increasing the performance of your vehicle.

Warhammer 40,000, Valhallan, Mordian and Astra Militarum © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2018. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

24 thoughts on “KV-2 (R) available on EU

  1. I’d like to say this is awesome, and it comes with a free BiA crew but… 28€ for a reskinned KV-2? What the hell?

      1. Oh trust me, I know. I used to play Warhammer years ago, dropped it because of how bloody expensive it was. Still have all the army books and codices from a few editions ago though, those were fun to read for the lore. 🙂

          1. Could live without the shitty sarcasm, but yes I believe that doing both is the best. Only playing while ignoring who this special character is or what this faction has done makes the game boring.

  2. 26€ for a tier 6 prem? even with the BiA-crew tanks like Tiger 131, Cromwell B or Rudy were way cheaper.

    as nice as this one is looking (and as awesome it is to oneshot a Borsig or Skorpion G with HE – if you hit the right spot and pen), the gameplay is still difficult at least, because the gunhandling is awefull, as are the armor and the mobility.

  3. so this is basically KV 2 with premium tank credit income?…….hmmm…no….just NO…..for that money I will order two books on amazon “Neptune’s inferno” and “The last stand of the Tin Can sailors”, it will be delivered to Serbia and I will still have some change to tip the postman when he delivers them to my doorstep

  4. That’s enough to buy a tier 8 prem, it’s a no for me, eventhough KV2 is one of my favourits

  5. No heavy stubber turrets
    No hull laser cannon
    Turret isn’t a church
    No Commissar who tells you to drive closer so you can hit them with your swords
    No Dozer blade
    Not enough Imperial of Man
    Perk is not “For the Emperor”


    1. No sarcasm intended. I was really disappointed there was no dozer blade. Like, it would look so much badass with one.

      1. I wasn’t intending to do sarcasm, I just wanted to say they could have put more 40k in the “40k tank”, the dozer blade is something a lot of Imperial Guard (Or Astra Militarum or whatever) have, and is not like a custom version of BiA is unheard of, considering Primo Victoria.

        It just lacks uniqueness compared to the standard KV2 to even be called “for collectionist”

  6. Btw, the “Camo” is removable. So we have here a Prem KV-2 with BiA Crev ~ 17€ and the Warhammer 40k Camo ~10€ So that may be te Reason behind the high price.
    Sadly, the KV-2 is not sold as a single packet.

  7. KV2 is very popular tank and can be very funny in some situations.
    But the price is HUGE even with bia crew
    I will stay with normal version. Don’t worth it!

    1. just for laughs I fired up WoT…..played 1 battle in my KV 2 and killed two of these “special” premiums :):):):)…..ill stick to my regular KV2 with 4 skill crew :):):):):)

  8. lol more like you rolled out in your KV-2 sat at the redline for 3 matches, fired 20 shots, hit 1, total of around 120dmg and then you went off at your team with your usual abuse about how it’s not your fault.

    You aint kidding anyone son, gtf.

    1. I said I played ONE battle…..and there were two of those tanks on enemy team and one on mine…….all 3 of them combined did around 1 k damage I did over 2 k alone……they were complete muppets playing those tanks…..but my point is people ARE buying those premiums and pay for the game so the rest of us can play it for FREE…..and I am OK with that……..oh and we lost that battle

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