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  1. So even WG admit G1B do looked like Leman Russ. And Ragnarok is practically a KV-2 anyway lol.

  2. Only the camo looks imperial guardish. Overall a bad execution. I’m disappointed.

    1. Its not -that- bad IMO, but for official work from WG it does looked very lazy. This is what you can expect from a modder, not official source.

      1. True, headlights and radar are also in imperial design.
        I’m still a bit disappointed but being the 40k fan that i am, i guess i will buy it anyway. XD

  3. So this is okay but Valkyria Chronicles isn’t.
    Double standards. All of you.

    1. Well, I never minded to see fictionnal tanks in WOT (we’re used to it, after all), although I’d rather to be able to hide fancy skins (hide non historical elements button).
      In WG’s defense, these ones shouldn’t OP as fuck unlike the anime tanks, as they are probably identical stat-wise to their regular counterparts. Balance is the only reason I never wanted to see Valkyria tanks sold on our servers. We don’t need more Defender/Chrysler to crap around.

      1. Lol if only you’ve driven one. The nameless is nowhere near as OP as ppl thought it is. And the edelweiss isnt any better than other tier 8 mediums. The nameless only have around 220-ish throughout the ufp and only one strip that is 250-ish. So thats a big target that can easily be penned by higher tiers and apcrs from same tier. Its nowhere near Defender/Chrysler level. At best its the T26E5 and M4 49 level. Also nameless is so tall an E75 can sidehug it and it cant shoot the E75s side.

        1. The Nameless UFP varies on thickness from 150 to 220mm but it all depends on the differing slopes, from the front on flat ground it should average about 200mm effective. There’s also stuff like it’s very light weight for a heavy tank, it’s slow uphill climb and the limited front gun depression but since armor layout is not available in tanks.gg people can only judge by the stats.
          That said I have ridden the Edelweiss and it’s greatly underrated, the armor doesn’t look like much but the odd shape bounces more shots than people think and at the speed it’s going it’s basically a light tank with medium tank armor.

    2. These use existing tank models and are just reskins which dont look that out of place either. The anime tanks looked out of place and the nameless is broken op. Also at least you can hide these with the in the game settings.

    3. The difference is that these are skins of existing tanks and that hopefully the skins can be hidden by the historical camo setting. Even that notwithstanding, these skins still look close enough to the existing aesthetic to be tolerable. The same cannot be said of the anime tanks.

    1. Switch unhistorical elements off fam.

      This is by far better then purple painted tanks.
      I’d be happy to get that ingame.

    1. Indeed, but they aren’t reskinslike these ones. They are official vehicles from the 40k universe.
      Which also means you can’t just hide them behind regular tank skins if you don’t like 40k stuff.

  4. Finally a premium KV2 little bit expensive but GW wants some of the money too i guess.
    Stats are identical to the normal one and you can put standard camo on it if you want.

  5. I hope they just put in a straight up 40k tank instead of reskins eventually, I know GW is very open to selling it’s videogame IP(just look at google play shop) so WoT can surely get all the tanks.

      1. Just like the higher tier italian tanks.
        I get a chuckle out of reading the tier 10 italian tank description: “Development of the project was discontinued at the drafting and modelling stage.”

          1. All right, I’m interested, what’s your cutoff for “fantasy” tanks?
            For example O-Ni and O-Ho were never projects at all, are they fantasy tanks?
            Also I’m not sure if the tier 10 Italian tank was ever a real project, I’m pretty sure WG just designed it and slapped a fake description on it, I could be wrong.

          2. If japanese napkin superheavies and completely made up chinese TDs have a place in the game, then why other fictional tanks don’t?

            1. Only the O-Ni is completely made up, the others had at least some original plans, so they aren’t fantasy tanks.

              Chinese TDs should be removed from the game and WG should create a real TD branch, it’s possible.

    1. Leman Russ Vanquisher, for when you need a gun whose penetration is counted in meters.

  6. Lovely! More of these! And please also manga and the ones they have in Asia!

  7. Meh – Just optical stuff for existing tanks…
    WE from World of Tanks: Blitz HAVE REAL Warhammer 40’000 tanks:
    The mighty Predator (https://wotblitz.eu/en/encyclopedia/vehicles/other/Oth09_WH_Predator/)
    and the brutal Vindicator (https://wotblitz.eu/en/encyclopedia/vehicles/other/Oth08_WH_Vindicator/)
    and best part:
    They come in 3 color schematics
    – Blue for Ultra Marines
    – Yellow for Imperial Forces
    – Green for Dark Angels

    And we also had Valkyria Chronicles first and even additional with the sturdy Lupus on top.

  8. I’ve read on the forums that if you buy this KV-2 (R), you can delete the Ragnarok paintjob in the garage. So you have a regular KV-2 with premiumstatus and a BiA crew.

    But even then it’s waaaay to expensive.

    1. I see, so since the 40k camo is only a style people who don’t like it can turn it off through the options.
      I’m guessing they’re going to do the same for Patriot, Defender, Liberte, etc. eventually.

      1. Yes, so you can choose what you see on the battlefield. Turns out it’s not so bad after all.

  9. So Pink M3 Lee next? There is a reason why not many WOT PC players play Blitz. Because it’s full of skins tanks like that. Or the actual warhammer tanks that did ruin mid tiers at some point.

    1. Since WG is selling styles now, there might be a chance for them to actually sell GuP styles eventually, they probably prefer selling styles over providing GuP mods for free.

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