19 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries : Frontline

    1. Well? in this mode it’s fair enough, the best way to defend is to camp and that’s when “camping prevention units” are actually doing their job. And it’s mostly consumables anyway with a huge cooldown.

      1. Yeah you’re right, losing most your hp to something you cant defend against or see coming is very balanced.

        And you can’t even shoot it back.

        Do you think Minesweeper is an e-sport too?

        I’ll stick to Dota 2, you can keep this shitty game.

        1. You can repair your tank AND if you die you can respawn. You just want to shit on enemy team from bushes all the time?

  1. I hear them go on and on how they love the game, and the team loves tanks and the game, and I cannot help to think they are just convincing the boss that they are not dispensable and useless.

    I must say, this game mode is the first one I can stand beyond fist couple of games, so it’s not bad. Still, it’s over complicated and hardly balanced. It is work in progress, they must improve and reinvent the game all the time. I just want them to go beyond smiles on video and confessions of how they love the game, I want devs to play the game.

  2. Time would be better spent fixing mm and reducing hp loss from arty. Stun is fine…losing all your HP or half us not.

    Fix those two and were half way there..oh and map spammers..you get ten for free each battle.. after that its 1000 credits each

    1. Exactly this. I’ve been grinding marks of excellence on my tier 5/6/7 tanks (tier 8 and higher is almost unplayable with the current Top of the Tree) and I’m really fed up with being hit by M44’s for 250 damage. That’s 30% of the health of a tier 6 medium.

      And last week, I was one-shotted by a S51 in my Cromwell. I thought that shit wasn’t possible anymore.

      I saw Circon play his M44 last week. He couldn’t damage an O-Ni. No wonder that all the fucking arta players are focussing mediums and lights. That shit has got to stop.

          1. Or not. My job is to fight tanks, not invisible enemys from 1 km away in a bush in the corner of the map without direct visible line of fire. People still ragequit this game because stupid arty system.

            1. 1km away, hm? Since most of the maps are 1000 by 1000m wide, that means you sit on the red line yourself. Guess what, arty is doing it’s job then: punishing campers.

                1. These guys don’t know arty used to oneshot tanks like IS-7, like it’s actually supposed to be.

          2. Ok..take that comment and objectively assess every arty safe point on both sides of a map. Count them. Then take 15 tanks on each side and hide them so they are all safe. Then consider how epic the gameplay will be when everyone is hiding behind three rocks… Seriously try it. Would be 15 minutes of sitting still sniffing diesel fumes and then a draw

  3. The Internet cafe nearby me don’t have Asia client so I played with EU from scratch….Other than the fact I couldn’t even have repair kit in my first game….I’m surprising liking the game mode with all the shxt players as usual….I think the mechanism of respawn helps a bit….and the rewards are reasonable.

  4. I haven’t got time yet to give it a try. Is it any fun? Is it balanced? Does it give a good set of xp/credits?,…

    1. It’s fun enough for me. Balance wise is subjective, I found it ok as the large map removed superheavies or slow TDs. If you have t8 prem running along, yes.

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