21 thoughts on “WoT – Frontline : Road to victory

  1. it was fun…..for about 15-20 battles………but now……..don’t get me wrong: rewards are great, XP and credit earning is insane…..but still I find it too unbalanced: defending is easier

    1. Defending is easier? I hate defending. What is your strategy for it?

        1. camping helps to win on defense where attacking enemy is pressured by time limit…….so it takes an aggressive attack combined with totally incompetent defenders to win….in my case out of 20ish battles I played on attack we won 2/10 and on defense we won 8/10 and once I even got “general of the army”:)

          1. It’s funny how my team loses 50% of the time even on defense, nice meme

                1. It’s a meme, you just lose all your hp to artillery if youre spotted anyway, just sit in the back in a TD or light and snipe.

                  super fun.

                  1. You have way less chances to get artied if you brawl in close combat, people will be to busy to call arty on you.

                    1. You’re obviously an arty player rofl

                      I am brawling and get artyd constantly.

                      It’s probably because im not a red player and XVM is aids, although i don’t know if xvm even works in front line, it probably does, because shit company is shit.

                    2. You’re constantly getting artied by artillery strike or by an arty player? If arty player is fapping on you in FL then you’re just very unlycky, there are only 3 of them in the battle, lol

                    3. @Robopon both. I cant reply to your latest post for some reason.

                      Yesterday alone I got arty’d by an “arty strike” in my indien panzer which killed two crew members, ammo racked me, tracked me, and took 400 hp in my indien panzer.

                      immediately after a GW tiger p hit me for 300 and tracked me again and stunned me. I got hit multiple times later again in the same battle

                      Im a 3000 wn8 player, not a pro by any means, nor do I play much anymore at all. I don’t do clan wars.

                      IImmediately after this battle ended (We won, not that I care if we win or lose) I proceeded to uninstall the game, for the second time in a few months.

                      I only reinstalled to try frontlines, and its dissapointing becaues it has the same issues the rest of the game has.

                      Tier 10 is awful, half the tanks are overpowered as hell or complete shit, you have 183s and 4005s one shotting people from 400 meters away, and type 5s not aiming and still hitting E100s for 700 damage. (Super conqueror/ WZ 5A, vs IS4/leopard 1/pz 7 lolololololol)

                      And you still have artillery which is beyond insane at all tiers (Especially lower ones, t3-t6 arty can kill you you in two hits or less regardless of the tank youre in more or less, and if they dont kill you, you’re stunned until they’re reloaded and shooting you again anyway)

                  2. Whatever floats your boat, man. Don’t play the game if you’re not having fun, that’s my number one rule. I was getting frustrated and bored at the same time but then I bought back Tortoise and I’m having a blast with it for now.

    1. I play on old pc and I have no fps drops….game is on low settings in both random and frontline

    2. well, my rig is not really high end (i7-4710 and GTX860M). in random I can run medium to high details on FullHD at roughly 60 fps.

      on Frontline I start with the same fps, but once the action gets more crowded (last stage at the pillboxes), fps dropped to 30. I now use medium settings and it runs better now. seems like the higher number if tanks does have an influence. Grand Battles wre no issue until now, on the other hand.

  2. Mode was fun for 2 games, after that its like uhh why am i playing this again?

    Just get in a TD and camp and you win if youre on defense.

    1. Also the gayest part of it is that you get randomly arty’d for half your health, then you get artyd by a player, super fun.

      Why does artillery exist still and why did you add another form of it?

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