May 16 Micropatch

On Wednesday, May 16, a small update will be released on the RU server. In addition, two new mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/ Of course we’ll come with the patchnotes as soon as they are available.

PS: I’m a bit busy nowadays, and news have been scarce too. As soon as I finish with some assignments I’ll post some news received through mail so please bear with me.

11 thoughts on “May 16 Micropatch

      1. Adds 20% more hp loss to each hit because F*** You… how dare you advance to the front…stay at the back if you dont want to die from skybola. Arty preventing camping since never…

      2. I Love to kill such whiners with my Arty. Became General arbeiten times driving Tier 8 us Arty only. :p

  1. Nothing is going to fix tier-8 MM because this is an old game and it’s top heavy in regards to Tier 9-10.

    1. I’m playing tier 5-7 in the last two weeks. I’m having more fun.

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