Supertest: Sherman Firefly IC

Model not final. Characteristics might change in the future.

Sherman Firefly IC. Proposed parameters:

Tier: MT-6, Great Britain, premium
HP: 750
Engine: 400 hp
Mass: 33,2 t
Maximum load: 36 t
Power-to-weight: 12,05 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 40,2 / -18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 43 °/s
Turret turning speed: 48 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,959 / 1,726
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 594,4 m

Hull armor: 50,8 / 38,1 / 38,1 mm
Turret armor: 76,2 / 50,8 / 50,8 mm

Gun: OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII

Alpha Damage: 150 / 150 / 190
Penetration: 171 / 239 / 38 mm
Rate of fire: 13,905 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 085,7
Reload time: 4,315 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,355
Aiming time: 2,01 s
Depression/Elevation: -6 / +20

Crew – 4 members: commander, gunner, driver, loader.

More pictures:


28 thoughts on “Supertest: Sherman Firefly IC

          1. Or maybe I had no opinions of it before I got one, then played it and save for the few special times when it was on a good map, in good mm, I got annihilated by tier 8 craps, since over 80% of the battles I was in was of that kind!
            Next time try to think of those things too, lad.


    1. I thought they were just giving it a slight name change. they gave it 90 extra dpm, but i dont see any other meaningful change. I dont see why this even needs to go to supertest

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  1. Unless they want to change current Firefly to better-known VC variant and turn this as premium (anf gift it for free to Firefly owner)….
    yeah, no point of this vehicle.

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    1. Next time write: ‘I don’t understand why it has different crew members then Firefly’, and people will surely correct you and tell you in great detail everything about the crew and what tanks can it fit in 😛


  2. It’s a IC Hybrid, recognizable by the M4 Composite hull which had a round cast hull welded to the front. IC models used an M4 hull (or Sherman I). Unless WoT plans to replace the tech tree version with either the VC or IC variant, this is just a Firefly clone.

    I’m not complaining though because the Firefly is one of my favourite tanks. But why not add Boilermaker instead, the premium Firefly from the console version?

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  3. Weird choice for a premium, the Firefly has been a regular techtree tank for ages. They did release copypaste premiums in World of Warships, but still…


    1. The copypasted ships in WoWS at least use stuff that was produced but isn’t used anymore, for example a stock Amagi one tier down (Ashitaka), ignoring the identical ships for the various cross-promotions with japanese media. This tank however, is really wierd.


      1. At least some of those copypaste have their own identity (the recently buffed Prinz Eugen being a tankier but overall slower Hipper), but this Firefly here seems even worse than Ashitaka – at least with Ashitaka you can claim you’re sailing a Tosa-class, this tank here is even more vanilla (also we already have the AC 4 Exp as a premium counterpart to the regular Firefly).


  4. I don’t have any problems with copy/paste models. If you like a techtree vehicle you can play it also as a premium. That’s what I liked about the Rudy and the Cromwell B. At least it isn’t fucking up the game balance on it’s tier.

    I feel that WG is releasing more midtier premiums and that’s fine. They are more affordable and they make people play the mid tiers more, which is good for the overal mm I guess…

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  5. ” Max speed/Min speed: 40,2 / -18 km / h ”

    This version is 5.2kph faster ……….. like wow so generous
    puny 400hp engine jeez man this is now so OP or what

    I like my Firefly but its 35kph speed and -6 gun depression in todays version of OP WOT
    and its even more T8 OP Premiums just make it look stupid to play

    its far too slow 35kph was bad (40.2kph is not much better
    Regular T6 Sherman’s get 48kph top speed and far better hp/ton ratio as well


  6. Firefly has one of the best pen in its tier, unfortunately the gun handling is not that awesome but it can use Vertical stabilizer. So the premium version should be able to use it too.


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