Supertest: T26E3

Upcoming tier VII premium. Model not final.

Note: Do not confuse it with the T23E3 tank, which was awarded to the best players during the “World on Fire” mini-campaign. For this reason, it is not visible in the tech tree.

T26E3. Proposed parameters:

Tier: MT-7, USA, premium
HP: 1 200
Engine power: 500 hp
Mass: 39,4 t
Maximum load: 43 t
Power-to-weight: 12,69 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 48 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 36 °/s
Turret turning speed: 37,5 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,247 / 2,014
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 776,9 m

Hull armor: 101,6 / 76,2 / 50,8 mm
Turret armor: 101,6 / 76,2 / 50,8 mm

Gun: 90 mm Gun M3E

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 172 / 207 / 45 mm
Rate of fire: 7,631 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 831,4
Reload time: 7,863 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20

Crew – 5 members: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radioman, Loader.

More pictures:


18 thoughts on “Supertest: T26E3

  1. Looks at medium in the US tech tree at tier 7…looks back at these preliminary stats…seems like this premiums superb balancing factor is it’s Ptw of a measly 12,69.
    In all other regards is flat out better unless I am seeing them fly…

    *sigh* WG *sigh*


    1. there’s a good reason why, realisticaly the T20, and any of it’s variants, is no better than tier 5 or might stretch to tier 6, especially the T20E3 variant with increased mobility due to torsion bar suspension, but in WoT the current T20 features some modifications done to some of the other T20 series, realistically the ideal Tier 7 would be either the T23 with Torsion Bar Suspension and 90mm gun (for a mobiliy based line) or the T25 that was based on a T23 with HVSS and the same 90mm gun in an enlarged turret (like the premium Pilot #1) or the T25E1 (almost the same but with torsion bar suspension and a hull machine gun that is less of a weakspot, like in the M26), although the T26E3 is better armoured than those 3 other options


      1. Good points and I fully agree! US medium tech tree line could use some love and reworking.

        Also I can remember, quite some time ago, some devs mentioned such US medium line rework/split from tier 5/6 and up.

        My original remark though was more in the light of what is currently in the tech tree and how this new upcoming premium addition fits into the current game balance at tier 7.
        From what I can tell (but not active as a player), tier 7 still seems to have not been touched by powercreep all that much.

        And with that this new 90mm premium medium vs the other t7 meds with a 100mm/90mm, this one (and the new Italian as well) seems to break the dogma of such good guns at t7 being offset by worse gun performance (acc in 34-1/Leo or dpm on the T20).
        This worries me a bit as we have seen this happening a lot on tier 8 + with all the balance consequences that came with it.


        1. personally I can organize the existing american medium tanks into 4 distinct lines, and by existing I mean either mass produced tanks or prototypes (even those that had a single prototype built) but I also have to mention that there’s a hole at tier 7 of the auto-loader line since, at least that I know off, I have no knowledge of another auto-loading MT that would fit tier 7, that is why I found a suitable option (2 in reality, but the 2nd is part of a different plan) among some concepts
          of course I must also mention that for it to work perfectly the american guns (of calliber 90mm or higher) need to finally be un-nerfed (they are currently over-nerfed), as an example there’s the T32 that is the only regular HT with less than 200mm of pen at tier 8, only 2 premiums have less than it, most researcheable HTs have 210+mm of pen

          T6: Easy 8 >> T7: T23/M27 (designation of the standardized version that would replace the Sherman) >> T8: T42 or M46 (the REAL M46, not the WHAT IF/planned version of the game, think of a more mobile M26 with less bouncy turret) >> T9: M47/M47-M or M46 or M60A1 >> T10: M60A1 or M60A3 (these are different from the current Clanwars reward, the turret is different and they have a gun stabilizer)

          T6: Jumbo >> T7: T25/T26 (these are weaker than the T8 M26 but heavier than the current Tier 7, the T20, fit for the “slower MT line idea”) >> T8: M26 >> T9 before: T26E5, now: M48 (early variant, 90mm) or M48 w\ T95 turret or T54E2 >> T10: M48 (later variant, 105mm, like A2C) with possible upgrade using 1 of 2 sets of applique armour developed for it (like Super Conqueror or the tier 8 premium Caernarvon Action X, curently does not seem necessary)

          T5: M7 (unlocks both T22 and T20E3) >> T6: T22 (auto-loading 75mm gun)>> T7: 90mm Gun Tank M-7 Concept (auto-loading unmanned turret) or T42 (= M46 T8 of mobility line) or T69 >> T8: 90mm Gun Tank M-4 Concept (auto-loading unmanned turret) or T69 >> T9: T54E1 >> T10: T77

          low profile
          T6: T20E3/M27A1 (was supposed to be part of the M27 series together with the T23, both had torsion bar suspension but had obvious differences between each other, 76mm gun since it’s only T6, like it had IRL) >> T7: T20E3/M27A1 (the WHAT IF/planned version like we see currently in WoT with 90mm gun) or T42 or 90mm Gun Tank M-4 Concept (rear-turreted) or 1 of the Lightweight MT Concept designs (TS-9 for example, with 76mm of armour at 65º, ~180mm effective Thickness + almost auto-bounce angle) >> T8: T95 (90mm variant) >> T9: T95 (105mm variant) or T96 (105mm) >> T10: T95 (120mm variant) or T96-2 (heavier armour variant, 120mm gun)
          although the T96 is classified as a HT it was supposed to have 3.1 inch armour in the front of the hull, it’s 65º slope makes it pratically auto-bounce in WoT but 186mm of effective armour is too little for a HT, especially against HESH or the HE from the Japanese Type 4/5, furthermore there are soviet mediums with more armour than that, in comparison the T95 was planned with 4.4inch (~111mm) at 60º (~223m effective) as a MT
          the T96-1 and T96-2 were also specified, with 4.1 in and 4.8 in, respectively, at 60º (~208mm and ~243.84mm effective armour) and would be additional options


  2. finally an american made 90mm gun with correct performance, I hope this is a sign of a future revision of the performance of every american cannon that is 90mm calliber and higher
    the fact that it gets a gold AP shell instead of APCR/HVAP might be something the will be trying to try and reduce the abuse of gold ammo in the game, it’s understandable since realistically APCR for that gun would probably have 240mm of pen, but there should be some kind of HEAT shell with an intermediate value that could work as an alternative since 207mm of pen might be too little when they Tier 9’s

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    1. nope, it would be OP at tier 7 since it’s not the base M26 but a collection of many solutions used on that chassis, including the fact that it can mount the 76mm guns instead of having the 90mm M3 as stock due to the history of how it’s prototype came into existence, as well as the ability to mount the 105mm DERP from the M45, a tank that shares the same chassis with the T/M26
      õf course there are some things that aren’t completely right like the top gun being a derivative of the T15 while IRL that gun was only installed in 20 or so T26E4 (the stadardized model without extra armour or springs on the turret holding the gun), althout both the M3A1 and T54 (while being different) have a similar, if not exactly equal, performance as the T15


    1. Wait, if you browse there’s also that Tiger II with historical gun on tier 7. Would actually match the idea of this historical Pershing.


  3. Penetration: 172 / 207 / 45 mm

    I can see this being categorically a GOLD spam noob tank ~ 207mm APCR?
    ** unless its a preferential with +1MM only then its a very good tank from WG

    otherwise only max pen 207mm APCR, lol in the current meme of WOT is a sick sad joke
    170mm pen T9 will laugh and laugh and laugh (never mind the new OP T8 HT’s


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