Frontline: Pictures of new camo styles

In Frontline mode, some new external appearance elements have been added to the list of prizes. The event itself will start a few days after the release of update 1.0.1.

Available styling sets are divided into three collections:

1st collection: sets for the Russian, Polish, Czechoslovak and Chinese nations (all-season);
2nd collection: sets for the French, British, American and Swedish nations (all-season);
3rd collection: sets for the German, Italian and Japanese nations (all-season).
The collecting of any of the three collections will provide you with a unique appearance style and emblem (1945) for a specific group of countries. There are no restrictions.


10 thoughts on “Frontline: Pictures of new camo styles

  1. When they say “All Season” Do they mean as in it could take up the slots on any of the season (I.E. Summer/WInter/or Fall, but you still need camo for the other 2 seasons that you didn’t select it for) or do they mean it as in you place it on the tank and it shows up on all three seasons regardless…


    1. I bet they will do the same things as christmas, where you can put it on any season you want, but it only shows up for that one season slot. afaik they dont give 3 of them so you could at least have a full set for a tank, which is pretty fucking cheap if you ask me.

      Also, camos look awesome if not for that horrid 1945 emblem

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      1. I just tested the all season “stamps” camo they just gave out…

        It can be applied for ANY season, but only shows on the 1 season you applied it for…

        So I assume these all season camos will be the same…


        1. Styles are for all the seasons, while camo is for a specific season. When WG comes up with a all season camo it means you can apply it on all seasons, but it will work just on that of course.

          But a style as this stuff here will work on all seasons for that tank.

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      2. You are wrong.

        The christmas styles can be placed and will be used for all seasons.

        There is a difference between camo and styles.

        So All-Season style means your tank will just look the same on all the different maps.


  2. I see what they did there
    they put the japs, germans, and Italians in 1 style set thing.
    and look at the emblem
    Russian paint on top and the Russian star
    they painted over the normal emblem!!


  3. I’ve read that the axis tanks style will come with a red star on purpose so they look like captured versions. What a great idea.

    Another dumb idea in a very long list of dumb ideas and fails.

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    1. I’m not going to put these shits on my tanks that’s for sure. The camo looked really cool on the JPE-100 but they can go fuck themselves with the captured tank theme.


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