WoT Console: Warlord Panther + Stats

Source: Portal

Rule the battlefield with an iron fist with The Warlord Panther, a Japanese Panther that combines majesty with frightful power, available in new bundles for a limited time only.

The Warlord’s gold-accented exterior exudes grandeur, with the heart of a wild and untamed beast beating within. With excellent gun handling and depression, it can quickly adapt and respond to fast-paced firefights. Head into battles with confidence and The Warlord’s desire to dominate.

The Warlord is available in the Ultimate bundle now, with Loaded and Base bundles becoming available at a later date. If you’re looking for a reason to take the plunge early, preferential matchmaking should sweeten the deal. Seize power with The Warlord while you can, these bundles will be gone on May 15!

Seize the Power of The Warlord Panther: Get the Ultimate Bundle Before May 15







7,950 Gold


The Warlord Panther – Japanese Tier VII Medium Tank

  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier 8
  • 56% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 20% XP Bonus Earn
  • Hit Points: 1200
  • Engine Power: 870 hp
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 19.97 hp/ton
  • Speed Limit: 55 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 32 deg/sec
  • Hull Armor: 85/50/40
  • Turret Armor: 100/45/45
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 34 deg/sec
  • Penetration: 150/194/38
  • Damage: 135/135/175
  • Aim Time: 2.3 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.35
  • Gun Caliber: 75 mm
  • Rate of Fire: 15 rounds/min
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 81 rounds
  • View Range: 370 m
  • Signal Range: 550 m

6 thoughts on “WoT Console: Warlord Panther + Stats

    1. I wouldnt mind it either, but it better be non-historical. I dont want to see a fucking black and gold panther in historical mode

      (still waiting for cent.5 raac. I mean seriously wg, how long does it take to poop out a primo victoria copypasta?)


  1. on pc its only cool if its russian, tier 8-10, god like armour, god like mobility, god like firepower. Game over. Wtf happened to the Otto Carius tiger?. Too soon to the identical tiger 131?.


  2. What the christ. I expect this kind of idiocy on the Chinese server, but you’re telling me they’re actually doing this on western servers for the console version?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Has way better stats than the WOT PC Panther as well

    look at that power-to-wright ratio
    ~ Power/Weight Ratio: 19.97 hp/ton ~

    and if that’s not enough preferential MM
    ~ Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier 8 ~


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