FV201 (A45) available on EU


Price around 19 €.

Contents:  FV201 (A45); GARAGE SLOT.



13 thoughts on “FV201 (A45) available on EU

  1. Needs same preferential MM as TOG now
    the WOT power creep has left this British T7 way, way behind

    its not competitive or fun at all now, see’s Defenders, Samoa auto-loaders and T9’s


  2. The turret is pre-Centurion buff level so needs to be better, needs a big ROF increase and maybe a change to an APCR round as standard ammo.


  3. Probably for collectors and people with extra money. I get the logic behind prems being slightly worse than regular tanks, but there are so many bottom scraper totally useless prems, why the hell do they insist on selling them? Someone actually uses those half-tanks in game?


    1. Yeah they use it to ruin the match for all the other 14 players in a team because it gets matched against non turd Tier 7


  4. They got this tank completely wrong whoever did the research is a clown. The 20lbr was designed specifically for this tank, it had 10 degrees depression not 8 and would have had a 6 inch ufp, it’s a British tiger 2 analogue not this regression.
    There’s even like 4 other turrets they could have used as well as guns including a 114mm high velocity gun.


  5. Probably the shittiest British premium ever released. The same gun as the TOG II, but with worse handling. Pen and alpha are abysmal vs. tier 8 and up.


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