In-game Spam Problem on EU

Thanks to _CrownVictoria_ for forwarding this issue to us.

A huge amount of clan players are being (repeatedly) contacted. Here’s a picture that show how much spam there is:

Quoting a forum post:

„I just wanted to say that a significant number of players in the RDDT community have received similar spam messages pointing to the above mentioned website.

It’s about 1-2 messages PER DAY and pretty annoying to have to add to the blacklist every time.


Official reply from voulezvous, WG Staff & Esports Manager:

„Thanks for pointing it out. We are already aware of the problem and are working on it.

Unfortunately the nature of this issue doesn’t allow us to communicate too much about this as, I’m sure you are aware, it could be used to avoid our safeties again.
Rest assured we are doing something about it.”



15 thoughts on “In-game Spam Problem on EU

  1. Been a few topics on EU about it the past 14 days. Never seen it myself. But in the past they did that on low tiers and contacted anyone their bot faced on a tier 1 game to promote their fake gold selling site. This time? Who knows why they only contact some.


    1. all i can say is : fuck wargaming. This has been going on for years and wg dont make a single motherfucking response. It happens on EU for a week and an automatic response from wg. bunch of fucking twats

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  2. LOL We’ve been dealing with this on NA for at least a year, maybe two now… They never use the same account twice so there’s no point in adding them to the blacklist, just X out of the message until WG fixes their bot protection system…


  3. If this is remotely the same as it was in Smite, than these are Chinese bots spamming these messages. You buy, credit card goes bye bye


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