In-game Spam Problem on EU

Thanks to _CrownVictoria_ for forwarding this issue to us.

A huge amount of clan players are being (repeatedly) contacted. Here’s a picture that show how much spam there is:

Quoting a forum post:

„I just wanted to say that a significant number of players in the RDDT community have received similar spam messages pointing to the above mentioned website.

It’s about 1-2 messages PER DAY and pretty annoying to have to add to the blacklist every time.


Official reply from voulezvous, WG Staff & Esports Manager:

„Thanks for pointing it out. We are already aware of the problem and are working on it.

Unfortunately the nature of this issue doesn’t allow us to communicate too much about this as, I’m sure you are aware, it could be used to avoid our safeties again.
Rest assured we are doing something about it.”