Early Access Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman

This is an ingame screen after a battle result:



This is the offer in the premium shop:loza1


15 thoughts on “Early Access Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman

        1. Its like a shitty version Thunderbolt. It doenst take to be a superunicum to check the stats and realise that tank is mediocore at best ya know


  1. Pretty odd choice on WG’s part to make this tank an ‘early access’. The EVEN at least has some use, the Loza however is a mediocre pick for Collector’s Gem of the Week, to say nothing of early access.

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  2. Loyalty and passion counts only if you use premium account?…………….well here is one big FCK YOU WG from a non premium player of almost 7 years

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    1. Well, if you’re not paying, you are not a loyal customer in any form. Can you call a guy that walks in a store for 7 years without buying anything a customer?

      I agree on WG being greedy fucks with a lot of stuff, but they are totally right for focussing on their paying playerbase.

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      1. I don’t run premium account 24/7,but I did buy some premium tanks(some were even bundle with premium time)……and the fact I am still here after seven years is meaningless?…..if that is not loyalty I don’t know what is….and to imply that since I play for free makes me some sort of jobless freeloader is even worse


  3. TBH its the first thing i’ve ever seen offered to patrons of the game, You know, those of us who finance the game so the free to players can keep playing. You will often find us at W-O-R-K for long hours of the day, and unable to compete in the FREE premium tank events ala the current pasta tank MARATHON. And the loza has already been sold on SEA server, its a bag of bolts, very very low sales.


  4. The tank is mediocre in all stats, even it’s mobility of 51km/h is not easily reached. The only good thing is it’s Captain, Dmitry Loza, who starts with a 100% “free” 6th Sense. But paying ~15€ for that…

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  5. Even I didn’t fall for this tank when it was offered on NA not long ago.

    It just seems…. meh.

    Besides, I already have tons of T-34 and M4 tanks.


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