Sneak Peek: May Specials (EU)


May rolls in, bringing radiant and exciting events with it! Keep reading to get a little taste of the blast you will have this month, with all the incoming missions and specials!

  • Top of the Tree – 1 – 31 May: Ready to revisit all you knew about tank destroyers? Lead the pack when you grab this precious Object 268 Version 4 in its Top of the Tree special this month
  • May Days – 1 – 3 May: Jump into your tank and check out these May missions to ensure readiness for all occasions, as well as some boosts! Are you ready to roll?
  • Month-long Prizes – 4 – 31 May: Yes, that’s right! This May you will have the chance to bag up to four prizes in total. Collect tokens by completing missions. The more you earn, the more stages you complete and ultimately, the bigger rewards you’ll get!
  • General Maintenance – 5 – 7 May: Commander, take advantage to maintain all crew and vehicle needs! Keep your eyes peeled and get it all under control with all the upcoming missions this weekend.
  • Military Parade – 8 May: Let’s kick off the Military Parade with a great bonus for one day! You’d better have a lot of vehicles on your research list.12 – 14 May: Strap on your boots and prep your uniforms, for these Military Parade specials and missions will have you bringing out the most victorious looks. Look out for the massive XP boost and the discounts we have in store for you!
  • Crew is Crucial – 19 – 21 May: A commander is nothing without their crew, and this weekend you can expect it all to be about them. Complete the missions to ensure a healthy crew for a healthy tank!
  • XP Fever – 26 – 28 May: Feel the temperatures rising on the battlefield as a new XP Fever hits the game! Get your tanks nice and shiny, ready to burst into battle and rack up all that XP.