WoT – Progetto Discount PSA

Many of you might wonder how long they can procrastinate with using the discount on the Progetto they won during the marathon. Senior Community Manager Ph3lan has a simple answer to that.

Once the event ends, you’ll have up to three days to use the discount.


31 thoughts on “WoT – Progetto Discount PSA

    1. Having played extensively a lot during this marathon I find it hard to disagree. In my point of view World of Tanks these days has worse balancing issues than at any previous point I remember. Seriously, I personally would not rate the game among the top ten multiplayer online titles anymore despite the great new graphics, simply because of the poor balancing.

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      1. Not only that, full TX battles are bad as well. Maps are not designed to handle that. + if you find 268 v4 you have to run because even full heat with 340 pen wont do anything to this tank.


        1. Ok so tell ma what you do, if you find yourself with Leopard vs. Object 268 4 ? Only option is run, but hey you cannot run, because Object 268 4 is actually faster than you so gg…

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    1. Wow, here take an internet cookie good boi!! Pat* Pat*

      Here’s a little questionaire for you:

      Do you have a full time job?
      Do you go to school or university?
      Do you have any other attendencies after you finished the forementioned?
      Do you have a family?
      Do you even sleep brah?
      Are you Mark Zuckerberg?
      How can you proove that you didn’t pay up before finishing all the levels of the event?

      Jokes and not jokes aside, i do have a job, i do have a family and other stuff to do. So therefore i’ve only managed to reach to the 5th level in the event… while having 800 avrg xp but only 2 hours per day to play.

      Unless you play at least 10 hours a day like streamers with no jobs, i don’t see anyone finishing this event so quickly..

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        1. Why are you so jealous? I’m a superunicum player and this was easy for me. I have work and earn a lot so you are wrong.


          1. Everyones a unicum nowadays through the mist of the internet LuL

            If you dont give proof of anything who do you want to believe you bob?

            Besides why would i want to be jeallous at you? Im jellous at myself i got to be unicum without statpadding and spamming geld like a mofo, so thanks im ok.

            Btw ofc you can look at streaming as a job.. but some people might not take it as a job.. thats just my opinion. Engineering is way harder than playing games.. you can imagine. Successful streamers should be thankful for not needing to sweat blood to earn money.. which they rightfully are. And i have nothing against them, but it is not a job.. not anywhere near.


      1. > streamers with no jobs

        Careful with this one, the fangirls might get salty and point out that being a streamer is self-employment if it makes you money.


  1. This marathon, compared to the previous ones, is a real crap.
    The prizes are interesting, it’s true, but they are reserved only for the best players or those who can play 10 hours a day without having other commitments.
    Then I do not understand why WG consider only the exp base.
    If I having the premium subscription does not guarantee me even the 1.5x extra exp in these marathons, then what is the use?
    I arrived at 50% off, but I will never spend 30 euros for spaghetti project ….
    Great job WG ….. you’re doing everything to make me disgust this game ….


    1. It’s actually by far the best marathon so far without a doubt simply because you don’t have to play every single day to do missions.


      1. Really?
        Good for you that you managed to complete this marathon without playing every day …..
        I do the marathon for Dicker Max, for T34-85M and for T25 Pilot 1 with success……
        But this it’s not for ordinary players …….


  2. I got a 70% off yesterday, bought the Italian tank at 17 euros and played some games. Nearly 90% games were in tier X and in 4 min, smashed the enemies or smashed by their tier X. Then, I got tired of this game. I decided not touch it until the frontline mode published.This marathon makes the game really really exhausting.

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    1. Maybe you should play Tier 4 and below to learn and stop being a nuisance for your teammates in higher tiers. Tomatoes should stay in low tiers until they can play higher tiers.


      1. Strange, when I tell the same in reverse to unicorns (that they should stick to Tier 10 when they go to lower tiers to club seals and make the game unfun for everyone but themselves) they either start provoking or act as if insulted… 🙂

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        1. There is a difference when we unicums play in low tiers for fun and noobs who can’t progress beyond tier 1 and 2 play there. As they should and not ruin higher tiers game with their sub 100 wn8. You appear triggered lol


          1. > we unicums play in low tiers for fun

            And yet unicorns are among the first who get angry at anyone who claims they’re playing for fun… not to mention you seem to believe that only unicorns have a right to play wherever they want because hurr durr i haz da skillz yo beeyotch. Double standards much?


          2. Mr. superunicum, I wanted to make you understand that I pay the premium subscription exactly like you, and I should have the same opportunity to participate in all the opportunities that the game provides exactly like all the others.

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      2. Tomatoes?
        show your actual recent in-game WOT WN8 stats please for us to admire
        as your a Super Unincum this should not be a problem – right?

        or are you a arse shitting troll ,, prove it or fuck off.


  3. It’s amazing how much whining and gnashing of teeth occurs when WG offers your the ability to play a game to receive a free premium tank…

    You guys are the epitome of “First World Problems”, and you’re asses are clearly showing.


  4. REALLY WG?!
    Smart idea to have the sale/discount through the missions be active ONLY at the end of a month.
    You know that a huge percentage of your playerbase WORK ACTUAL JOBS and have a salary right? A salary that most likely runs out by the end of the month. So fewer people would be able to purchase it with the discount in the last days of a month. But I guess that is asking WAY too much thinking from a company that introduces tanks like the Obj. 268 4 into its game…


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