T-34-85M For Returning Players

Recently, inactive players received an email with an offer, giving them a T-34-85M, 7 days of Premium account, missions and personal reserves for additional experience. In order to receive the reward, only playing the tutorial then a battle is required.

Mail example (thanks to therealisnes):




23 thoughts on “T-34-85M For Returning Players

  1. a big “fuck you” to regular players.
    plus a big “fuck you” to me personally because i didnt play tanks for 1+ year before 1.0 and didn´t get fuck all.
    gee thanks wg

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      1. That super easy marathon you could complete even by playing casually? That tank that used to be rare and owners that got ‘fucked’ by that same mini marathon? That same tank that is now on permanent sale in the premium store?


  2. still wont makes me return.
    Damn, they could give me literally every premium vehicle, I wouldnt return.


  3. Fix MM? Nop. Block cheaters? No way! Prevent seal clubbing and game toxicity? On the contrary, unicums are pampered and made more deadly.

    Now randoms drop and what we will do? We bribe players to return with mediocre prem tank!

    Good luck, WG.


    1. The T-34-85 is way too powerful in it’s current position.Call it whatever you want,the gift itself is a pretty damn good one.


  4. GJ WG
    Once again you pissed on people who play your game every day.
    Honestly, who the f##k is running PR ?
    How the f##k do you manage to get more people angry with every little thing that you do ?
    That’s talent or just level 99 stupidity.

    And I was thinking today that all those T-34-85M running around like headless chickens are paying customers.

    Dear Viktor Kisliy, for the love of God find better people to run the company.


  5. I didn’t get one even though I last played a year ago in one of my accounts and the other for more than 1.5 or 2 years


  6. Remove arty!
    Remove better ammo or reduce price!
    Please return back +- 4 tier MM!
    Efficiency based MM!

    Or go gulag Viktor Kisliy!


  7. Haven’t played my 2nd account for ages, actually since I made it. No invite, no e-mail, no nothing. Because WG are retards as usual.


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