Intel Trophy – results postponed

Short info from WG: „We regret to inform you that determining the final list of event winners will take longer than expected. We are currently planning to announce the winners no later than April 26.”


23 thoughts on “Intel Trophy – results postponed

    1. Standard stuff from WG, absolutely no thought whatsoever for the consequences.

      WG can never be accused of being the ‘thinking company’ ruining low tiers when there’s a mass influx of new players joining from the 1.0 advertising,


    1. Maybe that was the plan all along? To find all the botters, identify them and then put them on close observation, so they can be banned?
      If WG wasn’t retarded, I would think this was their strategy.

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  1. Most yolo idiots I met during this event was from Romania. A computer they would never afford in three life times or a cpu they could only afford in one…so of course this event was a matter of life an death to them


      1. Yes, but the Poland has the most retards as the whole nation of Poland has either down syndrome, asperger’s or autism.


        1. Poland is superior to other EU in culture and level of education. Bigots will always be jealous and spew racist propaganda. Your IQ level must be low.


  2. And I call this strategy.. This way it looks like WG takes it serious, but at the end they just removed 3 people from the list. Just wait 😀


  3. april 26th has come and gone on most of the world and yet once again no updates on who won or not just typical Wargaming response to a already greater issue than they care to admit along with shitty Match making and putting tuer 8’sa the the bottom of the battle again


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