WoT Supertest – Berlin #2

Today we drop more info about new maps in WoT, specifically the Berlin map prototype.

We want the map to be something completely new, similar to the real city, albeit not completely true to history to help the gameplay. Berlin is planned as a mixed terrain map.

Zone 1 will be the heavy tank spot, since it has a lot of hard cover.

Zones marked 2 and 3 will be the place for light and medium tanks. Zone 2 will be a place not to be idle in, since arty will have you on a silver plate. The 3 zones will be spotter heaven.

Spots marked 4 should be appropriate for TDs.

Depending on the test results, the map can change drastically.


6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Berlin #2

  1. WG dev’s I’m sure ALL the players will go to “exactly” where you planned them to go so as your computer model works perfectly!

    except the players aren’t computer/ robots (bot’s maybe lol) and will go ‘everywhere’ to every place and mess up your ideal planned computer sim.

    WH make me laugh ‘designer maps’
    as if ANY of them ever work ………………… ever …. as intended
    then they get ‘improved’ ……………..


      1. hey Bro you know me that’s a No then Bro?
        so you know shit all about me then
        Been playing almost 5 years .. off and on
        seen the player count on EU server drop by 50% ~
        do you play much Bro? hey Bro?


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