K-91 Pictures

Credit: wot.express


20 thoughts on “K-91 Pictures

  1. I love this thing’s looks and I have a weird love for hated or UP tanks.
    I need to finish my rear turret med grind.


    1. I feel the same, I had always wanted them to add the Chrysler K but let’s forget what they did with it, and now there’s the K-91-II, just have to get it
      now let’s hope they also add the conventional version of this design, maybe as a tier 8 of the Obj.430U line creating the 3rd MT grind line from the KV-13, it could work since the armour of the K-91 is a bit weaker than the tier 9 Obj.430 and a lot worse than the 430U, they just need to balance it’s 100m gun to fit tier 8


  2. this K-91 aint worth suffering through the rest of the Obj 430 II. while the 430 II has some improved stats over the T-54, the combination of the shit gun depression, 180 degree locked turret and having your engine block explode if your frontal armor comes into contact with anything larger than an ant just makes it ultimately inferior to the T-54 and it makes me livid.
    or maybe im just playing it wrong who knows.


    1. “suffering through the rest of the Obj 430 II”

      I’m having a blast playing with the Object 430 II most of the time.

      Try sidescraping, it makes the tank was better.

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    2. You can go hulldown pretty much anywhere you want. Try to be more aggressive, it’s not really a sniper tank. Also use stock gun and spam HEAT for maximum enjoyability.


      1. Truth. Can’t understand why people still using that “top” gun. Is worst in all. o.O This is super funny tank. ❤


  3. WG has always done things the opposite way. Don’t worry komrades, the sekrit dokuments will come into play once it’s released into the live server like the 268 v4


  4. Going by the stats it’s just a downgrade from the 430 II.

    Snipers need alpha….. This one doesnt. Peekaboo style won’t do.


    1. “Snipers need alpha….. This one doesnt.”

      The way you worded it, you’re saying that the K-91 does not need alpha. 😛

      Anyway, the Swedish TDs also have low alpha for high tier tank destroyers, and the French as well (not counting the Foch 155 which is stupid). The K-91 seems to follow the same philosophy of having very high penetration on a good gun with average alpha per shot.


      1. Yep my bad.

        Though the Swedish does have much higher RoF, 5-6secs reload per shot.

        French Foch B is an autoloader though, they can usually clip and kill.

        I really can’t imagine a rear-turreted MT, with low alpha and RoF can be used over ledges to snipe effectively. The 140 62a can do the same thing but better DPM still.


        1. To be fair, the Object 140 and T-62A are both universal tanks that can do pretty much everything with relative ease. The only thing they lack to be truly the best picks over most mediums is gun depression. And the Object 430 is the same thing except a tier lower.


  5. Really like the looks of this tank, one can always count on the Soviets to come up with the more unique designs. 🙂

    Still, I don’t know how effective this will be in the field. Good Object 416 players will most likely be the most successful in this tank, as it lacks the armor of the 430-II and the hp/t is (for now) far too low for high speed flanking.


    1. The beautiful thing about 430 II is that is very flexible. Snipe and brawl.

      So far this K9-1 is marketted as a sniper but the only upgrade for sniping is the shell velocity…. At the cost of armor and well, moved up a tier.


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