T-34 Movie Trailers

There is a new Russian tanker movie upcoming this year (remember the old White Tiger?), quite similar to „Fury”. Called “T-34”. We are likely to see a bit of Soviet bias, but it wouldn’t be a good movie without it, right?


48 thoughts on “T-34 Movie Trailers

  1. Sorry, not interested in watching Russian state sponsored propaganda made specifically to demonize Germany and canonize the very notion of Soviet soldiers as saints.

    That’s the thing Russians don’t grasp when they automatically receive that complaint and inevitably start pointing a finger at US movies and games.
    US media has no issue portraying US soldiers as deeply flawed. In “Letters of Iwo Jima”, you clearly see US soldiers breaking the Geneva convention and shooting prisoners of war simply because they don’t want to guard them all night, for example.
    There’s propaganda, but there’s just as much heavy self-criticism.

    Russian movie receive government grants to erase such criticism and demonize their enemies.
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the tell tale signs that the country in question is an isolationist and antagonizing dictatorship.

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    1. We can’t possibly gather all that from a one-minute trailer. Once we see the movie we can talk whether it is biased or not.
      And in today’s age, movies aside, is there a larger and more demonic, antagonizing dictatorship than the United States? Is there a bigger mass-murdering nation of destroyers? Its entire war subgenre of movies is centered on demonizing Germans and praising (((them))) and the liberating G.I. Joe. (“Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers”, “Flags of Our Fathers”, not to mention “The Pacific”)
      That’s why I’d rather watch shitty soviet bias, than put money in Hollywood pockets, no matter how much they self-criticize the U.S. soldiers. At least that’s where “Fury” stood out – it portrayed the American soldiers for what they really are – unhinged, murdering, “modern” peacemakers.

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      1. I’m not gathering that from a single one minute trailer, I’m gathering that from a series of recent Russian movies and more importantly, a law allowing media creator to receive money to portray Russia in a positive light.

        And multiple media creators blatantly admitting to doing so or else their media would flop in Russia.

        You also critically fuck up in your Hollywood list of movies, since most of these contain scenes that protray US soldiers as blatantly evil and German soldiers as normal human beings.

        And since the rest of your post was hypocritical USA bashing, I’ll just ignore the rest :^)


          1. Sure thing mister “I’m Polish but for some reason I want Soviet-style censorship”

            Not sure where you got pro-German, when all I did was call you on your censorship and liability bullshit, you miserable broken record with anger issues.

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        1. Reasons for bashing I certainly have. And each one of those movies portrayed US soldiers as peace bringing saints, while the Germans and Japanese are portrayed as bloodthirsty demons.
          Anyways, to cut the story short – each nation is going to make movies that praise its own people. Makes sense, right? Americans praising Americans, Russians praising Russians, etc. One question remains – why don’t the Germans praise Germans? If they must rely on others to portray them as good men, while they don’t have the balls to do so, then fuck ’em, I say.

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          1. Germans are war criminals, no clean Wehrmacht. All was accessory in holocaust. Therefor they should be shown for what they are!


            1. Shut your uneducated shit hole you polak troll. The Americans are ten times worse than the National Socialist or the Schutzstaffel. Americans make the Germans look like kindergarten kids.


              1. r/ shitwehraboossay
                No. They were worse than the US soldiers. And the US soldiers are quite unclean during WW2 as well.


          2. Your point was ridiculously hypocritical.

            But to further my point, countries make pro-that country movies.
            But they also freely show soldiers of said country failing, or be downright criminal.

            Russian propaganda movies?
            Russia stronk and pure, evil Germans are all Nazis.
            That’s nothing short of conditionning.


    2. WTF are you on about Exocet?

      American movies are also biased as shit.

      Just look at all the recent movies portraying Iraq.

      There is a clear concensus this “intervention” by the US was completely illegal from the standpoint of international law, that it made the life of an already troubled country into a living hell, and directly lead to the rise of such terrorist organizations as the ISIS.

      Yet, except maybe 1-2 recent movies (Men who stare at goats is the ONLY one that comes to my mind), ALL Americans in the movies are portrayed as “good boys”, just doing their duty, while being confronted by endless waves of evil terrorists…

      Americans, and their whole movie (should I say propaganda?) industry are biased as anyone else, if not more.

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      1. It’s almost a if dumbdumbs don’t read…

        Yes they are biased, I even said that they were, but they also unhesitantly show blatant warcrimes and downright awful behavior from US troops.

        Hell, look at the movie Jarhead, it shows US soldiers shooting at camel for the shits and giggles, only to then show a family who owned those camels in tears as those were wealth.

        Hell, even in the list cited above by another poster, I can list off examples of US soldiers shown as awful human beings.

        Saving Private Ryan? Shooting at German soldiers pleading for their lives in the opening scene.
        Band of Brothers? Plundering civilian households and shooting at fleeing German soldiers.
        The Pacific? Desecrating the dead for gold teeth springs to mind.

        So yeah, biased, but they also show the bad sides.
        Modern Russian war movies?
        “Soviet Russia stronk and brave, fighting German tanks in the winter that for some reason have a massive, red Swastika flag during battle, just to remind you that Germans are Nazis”

        Seriously, that last part is important.
        It’s not an innocent detail.

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    3. There is A LOT of anti-commie bias in modern russian movies. They’re mostly shit but still. Name me a handful of more or less modern soviet/russian movies where soviet soldiers are depicted as saints and Germany is demonized, I dare you, my dude.

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        1. Admiral is clearly anti-soviet movie and everybody is an asshole there, even Kolchak to some extent. And White Tiger is not even a war movie, it’s a pretentious arthouse movie about horrors of war. I’m not sure where you’re going with that

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    4. 40 million dead because of German aggression…if that`s not demonic behaviour , I don`t know what is…looking forward to seeing this film, as I enjoyed Fury and White Tiger greatly.


  2. I expect the film to be less about demonizing the enemy and more about massaging the national Russian ego. Nationalist fervour is rampant in Putin Russia. The Great Patriotic War is a never-ending source of national pride (not without reason; no other country suffered like the Russians did), and given the fact that the reality of present-day Russia is rather sobering it is only too human that people like to bask in the glory of former times. Needless to say, the Kremlin does everything to encourage this because Putin relies on stoking nationalist sentiment to legitimize his rule.

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  3. Because russians were such humanitarians that everybody prayed to be liberated by the allied forces or at least have the luck to find some american or british guy to surrender to. Whole german units, dozens of soldiers with weapons and ammunition, surrendered to the first english speaking guy they could find so that they would be protected from the russians.

    Of course you do know about all the raping, killing and organized stealing of anything that looked even remotely as more advanced tech than what the shit russian factories had at the time. Practically Germany rebuilt all its industry from 0 after the war because what it was not destroyed by the bombs was stolen by the russians. Americans were much smarter, they took as many as possible of the guys that did the designs.

    And from a technical point, it is hard to find a german tank that could not face the T-34 and obliterate it, mostly because the most advanced russian tank was still shit. Basically a tractor with a gun, built in thousands and thousands, quantity was the advantage, not quality.

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    1. “And from a technical point, it is hard to find a german tank that could not face the T-34 and obliterate it, mostly because the most advanced russian tank was still shit.”

      This will be a gold mine for misconceptions. You know, issues and all, the IS-2 makes the expensive, boxy, badly suited for real war Box Tanks look quite mediocre.

      And the T-34 was scarier to the Germans at the start of the war than the Tiger or Panther ever were. They trade equally to Shermans and T-34-85…whilst weighing much more and being generally harder to maintain and more expensive.

      Which means inferior from an engineering standpoint but whatever.

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      1. Except for the fact that the T-34 appeared rather late into the war in 1941 with shit view range and shit gun, the fact that T-34-85 was just a fantasy till early 1944 and the IS-2 managed to scrap a few units just for entering Berlin and destroying buildings because their guns where shit against armor and the well know russian state of the art precsion.


        1. T-34’s 76 mm was perfectly adequate for its time. And in 1944 soviets got really good tanks, while germans were relying on their overengineered expensive unreliable pieces of shit instead of building more actually good tanks. Yeah, like soviets did. You might as well be trolling at this point, honestly.

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          1. Well, the biggest flaw of the russian tanks were the lack or radios at the start. Having to rely on signal flags to communicate with other nearby tanks is a massive disadvantage, even if the guns and armor was able to penetrate and stand up to the german guns at that time.

            Something the Finns took massive advantage of during the Winter War.
            The Soviet Doctrine of “Deep Battle” was massively flawed from the start, if the Soviets hadn’t had the numbers or the massive size of their country as an advantage the war would have looked completely different.


        2. Late into the war…1941?
          Someone needs to read some history. And remember for all its issues, the T-34 also had many advantages. The Panzer IV is kinda crappy and outdone by both T-34s and M4’s.

          IS-2’s 122mm gun was made to assault things more important that German tanks. Anti-bunker/anti-fortress and anti-infantry is a better solution than anti-armor, considering how little Germany could muster at that point. It is a design made to do a certain thing, and it does it well. Whilst also being powerful enough to destroy any Axis tank except the King Tiger (and even there spall will kill it).

          And lol. He thinks field guns aren’t accurate. Wehraboo.

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          1. Yes, somebody needs to read some history, the war started in september 1939. You might even say it started as early as march 1938 with the annexation of Austria..
            So 1941 was about 2 years into the war, almost a third of its duration. So yes, it was kinda late.


            1. When did operation Barbarosa start? T-34 was more than enough for any Axis tank in its day. Same for KV-1.

              But again, Wehraboos know nothing about engineering nor history.

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  4. considering everybody is bashing about wich war movies are the wordt, perhaps we should try to find out wich ones are better/unbiassed/realistic? I personaly feel that these 3 are fairly good

    – Das boot
    – jarhead
    – 1944

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        1. Yeah, they did. But we will never see a movie focusing on Russian warcrimes either. German warcrimes have been depicted in everything from childrens books to massive blockbuster movies. Meanwhile Soviet warcrimes seem to remain widely unknown despite the fact that alot of the crimes were just as bad or even worse than the german ones.

          The worst part is, the Soviet ones continued long after the war ended, and people still see the soviets as victims of the hateful germans. What about the nations they invaded even before their war with germany started? The Mass deportations? The gangrapes of women and children? The executions of political dissidents? The mass graves located throughout eastern europe filled with people the Red Army “liberated”?

          I mean, in 1941, about 2 years after the Soviets decided the retake eastern europe, the germans arrived in the baltic nations.. too massive crowds of cheering people, hailing them as liberators from the oppressive soviet regime. It must have totally sucked to be occupied by an oppressive regime, to be “liberated” by another, just to be occupied by the first one again for over 40 years afterwards.

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            1. what? what countries did the soviets “liberate”? Pretty sure replacing their governments with a more sovietfriendly one and putting them behind the iron curtain for 45 years would be called “liberated” to be honest.

              People know so little about life under the soviet regime… it is really regretful. Noone benefitted from being “liberated” by the soviets other than the russians themselves, just look at the nations they “liberated”, all of them have taken a stance against Russia and moved torwards western ideals, some even joining NATO to avoid being absorbed by the Russian federation.

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  5. I want a movie about the Italian Alpini.

    Now that’s a story worth telling.

    Those guys suffered so much at the hands of their “Allies”.

    Even the Russian civilians hid them from the Russian army because they liked them.

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  6. Please dont make another movie suck as ‘Fury’
    There was a WG event in Taiwan to see the move ‘Fury’ for free.
    After the move,only silence remains in the theater.

    All people want to yell out:
    What a bullshit stroy and this move is suck ^^

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    1. The only bad thing about Fury is battle scenes, which is pretty important for a war action movie, yeah. But they’re still exciting and movie has good characters, fantasting acting and great cinematography, which is more important for a movie as a whole, I think.


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