War Thunder – Displacement Mapping, Mud, And Puddles

One of the features of the new version of the Dagor Engine 5.0 graphics engine is a new algorithm for the detalization of landscape, with so-called displacement mapping used with tessellation. This is an advanced method for adding geometric detalization (available on DirectX 10 and above), which changes the actual surface of the object, adding geometric details, in contrast to the visual illusion of volume created by the parallax mapping previously used by the Dagor Engine.

Since the geometry of terrain actually changes, this does not only add details to the surface, but also changes the silhouette – this also means that shadows can be cast by such details.

The new algorithm for relief texturing available with full transition to DirectX 11 noticeably improves and adds detail to the image.


https://coub.com/view/133tgg (thank WordPress for lack of a coub embedder)

There will be new effects for mud puddles in the game. Any puddles will appear depending on the terrain and weather type. Sometimes the water will also appear in the track ruts. Puddle water has its own reflections for the surrounding objects and also reacts to nearby shots and passing heavy vehicles.

The mud will also be different depending on the weather – from dry and dusty to slushy.

Check how much variety new mud and puddles bring to familiar scenes!




7 thoughts on “War Thunder – Displacement Mapping, Mud, And Puddles

        1. I like WTs metallic feeling of tanks better, but “looking so much better” makes me think you should stop doing drugs… The new graphics systems coming out does look good on both games though


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