WoT: What is next?

From the Russian “In the works” page.

Notice: the source is operated by the community so some of the facts mentioned might be wrong.


  • Polish tree. According to A. Pankov, several versions of the branches are ready, which will be published in the near future. Tanks TKS z n.k.m. 20 A, Czołg średni B.B.T.Br.Panc are being tested, the Polish nation has been added to the filter in the client, consumables, icons of the crew members, emblems and inscriptions have been added and the first Polish tank, the Pudel, has already been released.
  • Italian tree: Medium tanks with OTO Centauro (Leopard analog) in top and PT (Release: 2018-2019 after Polish). The developers announced the first Italian premium tier 8 medium tank, the Progetto M35 mod 46, with a new loading mechanism. Other Italian vehicles that will make it into the game: Fiat 3000, Carro Armato, L6 / 40, Carro Armato M13 / 40, Carro Armato M14 / 41, Carro Armato P26 / 40, Ansaldo-Fiat P43 bis.
  • Three Swiss branches: – LT / MT / HT, TD, Arty.
  • Israeli branch.

  • Hungarian and Romanian branches (due to lack of equipment only as part of other nations or the European tree).
  • Wheeled vehicles.
  • Possible hydropneumatic suspension for the STB-1
  • British, Swedish and Japanese light tanks
  • Top Swedish mediums (Tiers 8, 9, 10) – are divided into two versions: Tier 10 – Strv A or Udes 15/16, stock Strv T; tier 9 – Strv K (a hybrid of Kranvagn’s chassis and Centurion turret) or Udes 14; tier 8 – Lansen 25t a.k.a. Lansen m / 51.
  • The branches of Spain: Tiers 1-5 – Trubia A, CCI 1937, Verdeja n1, Verdeja n2, Verdeja n3 and tier 10 El Nino (hybrid of Leopard I and AMX 30 turrets), tiers 6-9 – Spanish versions of M41 Walker Bulldog, British FV101 Scorpion and M47 Patton.


  • Maps in HD (already shown 18 maps of the Sand River, Redshire, Prokhorovka, Murovanka, Mountain Pass, Mines, Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, El Halluf, Cliff, Monastery, Fjords, Erlenberg, Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ruinberg, Pilsen, Nebelburg, Arctic Region) will be introduced at once. It’s very difficult to support two render engines for HD and non-HD cards.
  • Reworked maps: Stalingrad, Berlin, Monte Rosa (there is no final verdict on the map), Overlord, Pilsen, Erlenberg, Sacred Valley. It is possible to return reworked old maps to the game (they have maps like Pearl River, North-East, Province, Komarin, etc. in mind (Reminder: Province rework is already being tested)).
  • Maps Poland (the first name of the map “Studianka”), Pacific Island, Naglfar, Ridge 3, Arizona, Slit, Ridge, Ice ships (night), Smolensk, Inca road, Detroit, Secret place, Secret place B, Castle, Simferopol, Minsk, Moscow, lie “on the shelf” until all the current maps are in HD as we have no manpower to implement new ones.
  • Maps Savanah, Texas, Arizona have not been tested, but (according to developers’ answers) after HD maps they can again go to the Super Test, as well as the removed maps from the game (Severogorsk, Port, Dragon Ridge, Northwest, Komarin, Province, Hidden Village, Pearl River, South Shore, Stalingrad, Overlord);


  • PvE mode (Team surviva; against several waves of bots, the more waves you last – the bigger the reward) the work is done on bots, there are plans, to use bots in different modes (for example, in historical battles in the form of low-level extra vehicles). The development was bogged down for a long time due the complexity of humanlike behavior and the heavy load on the server.
  • Reworked historical battles, work on historical companies is being conducted, future of this gamemode depends on what tests will show. Historical battles shall receive special maps. This feature won’t arrive anytime soon.
  • The physics engine Havok Destruction will be released together with HD maps in March 2018 (WG Fest 2016 showed physical destruction of objects (columns and fences));


  • HD maps (all current maps are being tested, bugs are fixed, the water remains crystal clear even if a tank passes through a puddle) will appear in March 2018.
  • A new system of vegetation drawing will appear in March 2018;
  • The impact of the shock wave on the surrounding objects when a tank is firing, trampled vegetation and the water waves will appear in March 2018;
  • Dynamic pollution and soaked tanks will appear in March 2018;
  • Different weather conditions are being tested.
  • Begin to use the Granite SDK 4.0 game technology, which will add to the game textures of high resolution (up to 8K) and photorealistic lighting. Also, the load time and the amount of memory occupied by the textures will decrease.
  • 3D customization (logs, bags, boxes, actual camouflage nets, helmets, tools, etc.).


  • Removed damage to allies. The damage to allies was turned off in the Halloween gamemode in 2017.
  • A new anti-cheat system that does not allow the installation of banned mods.
  • The second season of Personal Missions is in development, with the preservation of the first and progress on it.
  • Bonus for tanking and dealing damage.
  • The system of gratitude to the players. In May 2017 something similar appeared in WoT Blitz.
  • A new crew system is being worked on. Removal of 50% and 75% crew training. Earlier it was planned to make the crew not separable to fit any other tank. The concept is similar to the crew in WoWS. Full rework crew skills, for greater variability while upgrading crews.
  • Avoid the direct sale of premium tanks with side customization (Premium camouflages, etc.)

32 thoughts on “WoT: What is next?

    1. This is a collection of what has been confirmed by devs throughout the years, recently and not.

      1. They have canned the EU tech tree so many times already. A few weeks ago they have confirmed that there won\’t be an EU tree but they are planning to do a global one, yet this page is talking about an EU tree.

        This page is only a rumor collection without much credibility at best in my opinion.

      2. Also there won\’t be Carro Armato M13 / 40, and Carro Armato M14 / 41 in the tech tree. It was misidentified by one of the English WoT news blogs.

        The Tier IV is going to be the Carro Armato M15 / 42 and the Tier III could be either the M13 / 40 or the M14 / 41.

        1. Alright, thank you for the notice. Updated the article so that other readers would take it with a pinch of salt.

          1. \’\’Notice: the source is operated by the community so some of the facts mentioned might be wrong.\’\’
            Well, why do you mention them then? I thought you would show official WG stuff, not some bullshit from the Wiki. When I first read them I got hyped only to find out they are from a page that everyone can edit. Please don\’t use that page for future posts, it\’s misleading.

            1. Many of those have been confirmed by devs, so it\’s a good compilation of things that might come.

    2. Let\’s be real, it still has as much credibility as something that comes straight from wg.

    3. yes, I also think it is too simplistic, furthermore there were recent rumors (aka a vague answer on a Q&A session) about the MBT/Kpz 70 addition, then there\’s the case of the Chieftain that right now can only be added as part of a third british line (together with Vickers MBT\’s, etc) without forgetting the long rumored/often mentioned US TT rework, none of these are mentioned in the plans for the \”rest of the content\” while even spanish tanks were mentioned

      forgot to mention the \”expansion/completion\” fo the Czech TT which is also missing and should be a \”priority\” since it was the first \”minor nation\” to be added

  1. Lots of good and potential changes that people have been asking for.

    Hyped as all hell for Swedish MT as well. Hoping for the UDES 15/16 at tier 10 and UDES 14 at tier 9. Because they are by far the more unique and interesting tanks

  2. It is coming.
    Shot Kal.
    Tzvika Gringold Special Prem tank.
    Gefilte Fish consumable.

    ISRAELI TONKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. \”italian branch comining after polish, 2018/2019\”
    Yet we seen 8 tanks already and wg has said over and over again that the tree will come in 2018, and we seen other leaks indicading that the the tree will come prior to the polish one.
    Why let us see almost the full branch,introduce the first premium, even doing a video on it, to then just put the polish before?
    Are the people at wg crazy or its just miscomunication?

  4. This is a page that anyone can edit, its almost the same on the eu one
    People dont believe this crap
    Its anyones guess at this point to what will come next, but admin please dont put blatant misinformation and treat is as leaks.

    1. I have already updated the post with a notice so that others wouldn\’t take it as things that are guaranteed to happen in the future. The reason for posting was that the page contains a nice compilation of things confirmed by WG. Thank you for the concerns.

    1. Well, the US already has the M47, so I don\’t know what you want in that regard. That said, you can\’t actually count on any of this stuff. It\’s more or less just speculation.

    2. they know they are losing players in the NA server but do nothing to at least keep the few left, the US TT is, at the moment, the most disfunctional in the game, there\’s no gameplay progression in any of the 7 lines, then again you can sort off notice a clear tendency in trying to keep the US TT from standing out in any way, probably due to the desires of the russian playerbase

  5. Excluding the Italian TD branch is a crime punishable by death. Whoever decided not to add them is a baboon and should be immolated.

  6. Removed damage to allies. <<< NOOOOOOOOO
    It makes people use some measure of intelligence.
    Besides, how can we grief Arty if we CAN'T TK them with Friendly Fire ??? How will Claus keep his "Biggest asshole" series going ?

    1. Only thing that will happen the is that their arty can grief you. As in their friendlies can block you in with no fear of their arty doing damage. It\’s the only really broken aspect and it being removed from Console. Since they have 5 man platoons. And when you have a 5 man platoon with one arty. You know what they will do. Ignore you, ram and lock you in so their team mate arty can focus on you. As they are still the same old with no stun and 2200 damage with high pen vs PC.

    2. actually, I already have the experience from War Thunder with the removal of friendly fire from the \”realistic\” game modes, it did not change much in terms of the amount of thought dum*a**es put into the game, in fact it increased slightly since now they have to time things to get the kill-steal, in reality kill-stealing and trolling are the major issues with the removal of friendly fire afterall how can you prove to WG someone was deliberatly getting in front of you or bumping into you when you try to fire?

      as it is right now we at least know that a**hole A and B shot teammate K for x damage or killed player Q from the same team, from there they can ban them, with removal of friendly fire from RANDOM BATTLES there\’s no longer a way to stop the trolls from ruining everyone else match

      in my opinion I can see a reason as t why they could/should remove it from ranked or PVE matches (so that even 1 or 2 assh*les cannot ruin the effort of the rest of the team), while competitive and random should keep friendly fire on

  7. What about yugoslavian tech tree ? Had more diverse tanks , but wait, all the countries of ex yu are shitholes and people from there wont have the money to buy it …ffs

    1. Do you have more tanks to add to it that are valid and will make a full line? Then by all means, give it to WG. As they can\’t plug all the holes. And there are still nations that \”have money to buy\” that still don\’t have their tech tree that rages equally much. Can\’t please everyone at the same time.

  8. Everything on the \”other\” sections have been talked about and leaked for years and hyped up. So I would not take anything there \”seriously\” considering the source. Even the 2nd campaign. So saying that\’s \”coming\” or it\’s in development don\’t mean much. As we have heard it for ages.

  9. More New Maps!

    that\’s the only thing here that was really interesting to me.

    but its WG
    I forgot
    and they don\’t do New Maps
    just delete them,

    so ……….. hey ho

  10. Oooh yes!! incoming LEOX AMX-30E turret+Leopard 1 chasis make in Santa barbara systems

  11. \”Pearl River, North-East, Province, Komarin\” All very good maps. Ok, Komarin the least, but the first three are.

  12. \”Possible hydropneumatic suspension for the STB-1\”

    This would be interesting.

    \”Top Swedish mediums (Tiers 8, 9, 10)\”

    Which will make the Primo actually useful for crew training.

    As for new maps and reworking them, they need to make them sized appropriately for the tiers that will play on them. Maps the size of Klondike should be used for tiers 7+, mines should not be used on anything above tier 6 and even that is pushing the limit. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of the map.

    They also need to fix MM to include tiering of players based on PR or stats (other than win rate). When you allow brand new players (or even players that don\’t seem to learn no matter how many games they play) to buy a tier 8 premium tank and battle against tanks up to tier X you are NOT creating a competitive environment. This is why you end up with so many lopsided wins/losses.

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