WG responds to the Mini-marathon backlash

It’s not a surprise that many players have been dissapointed with the mini-marathon and the main reward. We have been waiting for something special and big, yet WG dissapointed us. Many players have criticized WG in the forums and Ph3lan came out with this statement:


While it is still nice to receive a free premium tank, especially a Valentine at this time of year,  let’s hope WG has a better reward for us next time (Aufklärungspanzer V perhaps?).

34 thoughts on “WG responds to the Mini-marathon backlash

  1. What\’s the point in being upset by that marathon?
    1) It\’s a nearly free tank, because the missions are easy.
    2) The Valentine was part of the special every year now. So it\’s not really a big surprise that we didn\’t get \”something big\”…

    1. There is always a big misjudgment. These events & missions are not made just because they are so generous, but to create high user activitiy what leads into higher revenues. That means we don\’t need to be thankful for any free stuff that comes around the corner.

      It\’s the combination of crap what is labeled as \”Mini-Marathon\”. A shitty low tier tank what is not really competitive without use gold ammunition and the fact that they just reward you with the tank while it is on 75% discount so you get compensated with 100.000 credits only.

      1. So you are complaining that you get a free tank – no matter how shitty that tank is, it\’s free – by simply playing the game on 8 days?

  2. Omg, it\’s a Valentine\’s Day marathon. Valentine\’s. What else you should be able to get for it but a Valentine?

  3. It was a mini marathon…idk why people were expecting a tier 7 or 6 as most did. Not even half the past mini marathons that have lasted less then 10 days have given a tier 5 or higher. Then again, the in game UI says we have a month. But iirc the first announcement say it was 10 days.

  4. Man, wot community are really a pain in the ass, the guys can\’t even make a mini-marathon and every body start to cries, such a snowflakes.

  5. Old players who already have the tank got fucked in the ass since you won\’t get gold as a compensation anymore, only 100k credits which is like 1 good battle in a Tier VIII premium. They could have easily made it so old players get something \”cool\” out of completing the missions as well.

  6. I don\’t know whether I should or should not sympathize with WG for \”some\” (emphasis on that very word) people acting like they were expecting a big reward for what has already been repeatedly said \”easy missions on mini-marathons\”. Like many people have said, the missions are easy, so why are they complaining?

    It\’s not like in WoWs or some other Marathons where the reward is an underwhelming vehicle (Graf Spee, Duke of York, Alpine Tiger, etc.).

  7. WG should not pick a premium tank for us, it\’s up to each individual player to decide which premium tank they want the most. There\’s most likely people that would love to get the Aufklärungspanzer V, and there\’s most likely people that have no interest at all in that vehicle.

    1. … You realize that\’s a terrible business model right? if people could pick which tank to win they\’d never spend a dime and we wouldn\’t be playing this game right now.

      1. You are completely wrong. Because the players that are not willing to pay for a premium tank will not pay for a premium tank anyway, and the players that are willing to pay for a premium tank will do so anyway. They have like mostly 1 marathon per year, so even for the oldest players, that\’s only 5-6 premium tanks. Now compare that to how many nations we have, and that each type (LT, MT, HT, TD, SPG) requires their own corresponding premium tank type in order to get trained. Letting players choose their own reward would have minimal influence on WG income, if any at all, but it would make players much more happy. And guess what? Happy customers spend more!

  8. So they\’ll respond to the negativity about this but wont say anything after all the negativity towards the Obj 263?

    At this point calling them autistic would be an insult to people that actually have special needs

    1. Who cares about 263 apart from 3,5 on all the servers? I want my 430, I don’t want this new 113 medium, but nobody cares for some reason.

          1. Played it extensively. Its nothing to right home about. It\’s good when hull down but thats it.

            Worse side armore then the tier 7/8, its got an area of flat 250mm armor between the hull and casement that\’s easy to shoot at close range and there\’s always the gun mantlet with a whole behind it.

            Is honestly better as it currently is at tier 10

            1. How old 263 is better than new one? New 263 has the same armor and mobility at tier 9 while also packing +-12 degrees of gun traverse, better gun handling and aiming time. Sure, the accuracy and dpm are trash, but I think you can work with that.

              1. 60mm of side armor was fine on the tier 10 because you could out turn you oponants which isnt possible now. With such bad DPM anyone with two braincells to rub together will know to rush when you go on reload.

                Bait the shot and go for it. Thats the problem of the line on common test, with no DPM now theres nothing to deter the enemy

              2. Also gun handling and aim time are only good because accuracy is trash,

                T95 and Tortoise would be far more useful to the team overall

              3. With better accuracy as well it allowed you to snipe from a distince this making it harder to hit your weakspots. The mobility and DPM allowed you to close in for 1 on 1 brawls and come out on top. Something you just cant do with it at tier 9, you always have to be close or you wont hit anything.

                If you cant deal damage consistantly theb you\’re useless to the team, no matter how much armor you have

  9. Why on earth doesn\’t WG create another dozen or so low-and mid-tier premiums, so that they have something fresh to offer players?

    E.g. Valentine\’s Day comes around every year. If WG want to make a thing of it because of the connection to a specific tank, then why not model some of the nine other Valentine versions that are not currently in the game?

    It doesn\’t even matter that most of the variants would only have minor differences – all you need for a marathon reward is the small thrill of a new unique tank in the garage.

  10. We all know klingons (all sorts of them) love bias, we all have been playing with them since the beginning… So, Obj 263 issue only upsets players who have it, or, players who are grinding their way towards it. Me, dont care about it.

    I\’m not a big fan of Wargaming\’s politics (they usually prefer to support klingons complains) but if they are giving away a free tank, like they\’ve been doing, what\’s the problem? Yes, we need some things fixed but, if we have that fixed ASAP, WoT would become a lot toxic due to the free time dev\’s would have, ence, more broken klingon tanks.

    This is just my opinion. And a short one.

  11. The problem? Sense of entitlement is so damn fucking strong with some people, that\’s all.

  12. Be satisfied european thugs, meanwhile in SEA we do not even have activities celebrating Valentine\’s Day.

    1. \”,,, european thugs…\”

      One of the best comments ever!! Thumbs up, Sir.

  13. Meanwhile on console: February Overview says we will have another \”Earn Op\”/Marathon for the Is-3A Fatherland reskin. That\’s fine and all on its own, but we just had another marathon event for that exact same tank last year. Quick, something else to complain about!

  14. If you already own the Valentine II, you are rewarded 100.000 credits instead of the tank if you complete enough missions.
    However, if you sell your current Valentine II, you get 200.000 credits. If you then complete the missions you get the tank (again)……. Ergo, 200K profit instead of 100K

  15. \”Hey, we give you completely free shit for just logging in!\”

  16. If we were living in the Soviet Union and celebrated Stalin\’s birtday we would be getting IS X marathons.

    There were also sales and and mission for Tiger 131 on Tiger day, same for the Fury movie. Marathons and sales have a damn theme sometimes. What\’s so hard to understand? Ugh.

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