9 thoughts on “WoT: Further Italian nation information

  1. I\’m not saying these crew faces are bad, but somehow the other nations have faces with more charisma in them. Italian ones are just meh, like mixing 100 faces together and averaging out the facial features. Except the third guy, with short hair and moustache. He does look good.

  2. What\’s the Italian bonus food? The picture is unclear. Ricette Pasta con la carne? Tiramisu?

  3. 1) The MoE…really WG? Little tanks? No other ideas…
    2) Why are the italian girls more than the men? As the main gender you get without any events is male
    3) I hope the food is Lasagna or Sapghetti Boloneze

    1. kinda stupid this nation food thing. For example Czechs got sweet buns – you would probably got fat, diabetes or in a long term you would die just eating this

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