WoT EU: Sneak Peek: February Specials


February promises to be an exciting month for all of you. Besides the weekend specials, we have prepared a couple of activities with great rewards. Check out the list below to get a glimpse of what we’ve got in store this month!


Top of the tree:

1–28 February: In February, the French heavy tank line leading up to the fairly new AMX M4 mle. 54 is highlighted in this edition of the monthly special. Climb up the tree and get to this sturdy and powerful top-tier vehicle thanks to great discounts and bonuses!

Tank Class Spotlights (x3 XP):

Each weekend, there is a different tank class highlighted. Not only can you look forward to cool bonuses, but amazing discounts as well.

3–5 February: Heavy Tanks

10–13 February: Medium Tanks

24–26 February: Tank Destroyers


4–18 February: Take part in the February mini-marathon! Collect tokens by completing daily missions. Cross the finish line and walk home with a Premium vehicle!

Chinese New Year:

6–28 February: Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year with massive bonuses for that nation. If you haven’t come around to trying them yet, now is the best time to start climbing up the Chinese tech tree!

Valentine Special (x3 XP):

14–18 February: We don’t want to spoil too much of this special event, but you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised at what’s waiting for you. No Valentine’s poems, though.

Supply Raid:

19–23 February: If you’ve taken part in January’s Supply Raid, you already know about this event’s concept. Complete enough daily missions and get rewarded with great in-game items!

29 thoughts on “WoT EU: Sneak Peek: February Specials

    1. For a 2 weeks marathon you won\’t get a tier 8. It\’s probably a tier 6. We\’ve already had Dicker Max, TOG II and T-34-85M. I think it will be a different nation so the available tanks are:

      M4A3E8 Fury
      M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII

      Type 64

      Heavy Tank No. VI

      Skoda T 40

      Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2


      I don\’t think they will give Fury, Thunderbolt, Type 64 or Pudel because those tanks still sell well when they are thrown into bundles. I bet it will be the completely useless Skoda T 40.

    2. Of course not, Wargaming never gives away new nation premiums cause more more cashgrabs. I personally hope for the Aufklarungspanzer panther V, but it remains to be seen

      1. If any tank is gonna be a cashgrab is that one. So that was optimistic. But WG says it\’s a tier 6. So I doubt it\’s anything new.

  1. On russian bloger video was talking about 3 marathons this year for 6, 7 and tier 8. On february was talk about tier 7 premium, that could be premium Tiger II (P)

    1. I really doubt Tiger II (P). if they bring that one just to prem shop, they get much more money. sure, it\’s not OP, but the stats look rather decent. the 8,8 L/71 is good enough to pen even most tier 9 (with weak spots and sometimes a little prem ammo) and the armor should work ok on tier 7. DPM is a bit meh, but if you compare it to VK 4503, its not that much worse. and you get a turret that has noticabel armor in return (plus a thicker UFP).

  2. Confirmation on EU forums by Ph3lan:
    \”Don\’t forget that it is a mini-marathon 🙂 I won\’t spoil it, because it is pretty close (Febr 4), but I can tell you that it won\’t be a Tier 8.\”

        1. Loza sounds a like a good guess to me. If it is, then I will try to get one. If it\’s one of those I already have, however, I won\’t be bothered to participate. Too much trouble for the silver and the free garage slot.

          1. But all Shermans are good tanks, so pen is not really an issue. Most of other tier 6 mediums have comparable pen and they are fine.

            1. how have other tier 6 MTs similiar pen? its only the Type 58 that is similar bad. all the rest has better pen in a more playable range.


              Skoda being a autoloader as third worst and the best is Firefly with 171mm as best in class.

              what make E8 (and E2) good: thex can mount vstab at tier 6, which greatly helps gun handling. that plus good gun depression and decent mobility makes them ok.

              on the other hand: 3-5-7 MM was a strong nerf plus all those new superhaevies like Defender, O-Ho or VK 100.00 P which you have problems to pen even if you get to flank them.

  3. somebody on forum screaming it will be Type 62, while there was some rumors from China. What a nave peoples

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