WoT – Italians Before Poles

According to a Polish (oh the irony) CM named Falathi, the Italian tree will appear before the Polish tree. The Poles should appear in this year, unless a real tragedy happens to push them back in time.

Also another tidbit about the first Italian prem, specifically how well it works with the ‘2’ key.

I can confirm that changing the ammo type will reset the ammo, so eg. if you switch from AP to HE, all the loaded AP shells will be removed from the clip and the reload procedure will begin anew with HE shells. You can’t mix shell types in the clip ~Kandly, Community Coordinator

23 thoughts on “WoT – Italians Before Poles

  1. What is the point in not having a clip if the game treats a single loading magazine like a clip? They claim to want to offer more intelligent gameplay but remove the ability to plan shots during firing? Why not just use the same mechanic as a single loading gun, hit the shell type you want to use once and after you shoot the one in the chamber that shell type will start being loaded as the last round in the mag. After you fire out the 3 in front it will be ready. Save the \”clip change\” unload for if you hit it twice.

    1. This mechanic has the potential to be very OP. They have to do something with it to make it a bit less powerfull.

        1. You can either fight normally, as in shoot every 8 seconds or so, or you can burst someone and then reload. Basically, you don\’t have to calculate your clip efficiency, you can decide when to clip out.

    2. Just because one of the EU team says it will work that way doesn\’t mean it will.

  2. They should have allowed mixing ammo types. Now the tank is just a shittier autoloader.

  3. Surprised ? I don\’t think so. No matter who will come first.

    But that wasn\’t hard to guess who will be first.

    1. I think it will be like the Chinese techtree. A bunch of Russian clones that are worse than the originals.

  4. 4 clips with kd of 9-16 sec.. and now 3 clips with the same reloading time? lol what wg??? 720 dmg when shot as autoLoader.. 40 sec reloading for 720 dmg? really??? stupid that you can\’t mix shell types. really stupid

    1. I will tell you wont think. Reeducate yourself. Look how much hore transports used in 1941 German army, Infrantry especially. In 1939 1 out of 70 german citizen had car, in France 1 out 25. In 1940 France had more motorized division then bigger German army. Myth for the win.

  5. We need polish tanks ASAP…already have a tanker girl ready…Pudel Commander (although I dont have the tank)..to retrain for that line !

    PS: I\’m Portuguese and I love polish people (especially the women)…screw the haters.

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