WoT Blitz: Balance Improvements in Update 4.6

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Irrespective of whether you are challenging your opponents in rating battles, clinching victories in tournaments, or just fighting in regular battles—all combat is full of competitive spirit, and you need all your personal skills, effective teamwork, and a bit of luck to win.

However, starting from Update 4.6, the influence of Lady Luck on the battle outcome will diminish. In this version, we will decrease the penetration spread for all vehicles from 75–125% to 85–115%, and with the Penetration Boost skill activated, penetration will range from 100 to 115%.

Penetration areas will be highlighted as usual, but the situations when you fail to penetrate the grey area, or, on the contrary, penetrate the red one, will happen much less often. In other words, the outcome of your shot will become far more predictable, and the competitive aspect of the game will advance to a new level.

Apart from this global improvement, there were some minor changes in the characteristics of certain vehicles. You can find all the details below.

All improvements mentioned below will come into effect in version 4.6.

Tier X T-62A

  • Dispersion at 100 m was decreased from 0.307 to 0.288 m.

Tier X Object 268

  • Reload time was increased from 13.36 to 14.39 s.
  • Average penetration with a High-Explosive Anti-Tank shell was decreased from 395 to 380 mm.
  • Traverse speed was decreased from 31.29 to 28.16 deg/s.

Tier X Jagdpanzer E 100

  • Average penetration with a High-Explosive Anti-Tank shell was decreased from 420 to 380 mm.

Tier X T110E5

  • The height of the commander’s cupola was decreased.
  • The armor of the commander’s cupola ring was enforced from 114 to 140 mm.

Tier VIII Indien-Panzer

  • For the 9 cm Bordkanone gun, aiming time was decreased from 6 to 4.3 s.
  • Dispersion upon turret traverse was decreased.
  • Armor behind the gun mantlet was fixed from 0 to 90 mm.

Tier VIII Löwe

  • The front hull armor was increased from 120 to 150 mm.

Tier  VI Jagdpanzer IV

  • For the Jagdpanzer IV 0-Serie chassis, the traverse speed was decreased from 37.55 to 27.12 deg/s.
  • For the Jagdpanzer IV chassis, the traverse speed was decreased from 44.85 to 31.29 deg/s.

Tier VI M36 Jackson

  • For the 90 mm AT Gun M3, reload time was decreased:
    • For the M36T74 turret—from 8.34 to 6.9 s.
    • For the M36T78 turret—from 8.15 to 6.42 s.

Tier VI Churchill Gun Carrier

  • Front hull armor was increased from 88 to 130 mm.
  • Mantlet armor for all guns was increased to 130 mm.

Tier VI ARL V39

  • For the 100 mm AC mle. 1930 S gun, dispersion at 100 m was decreased from 0.374 to 0.345 m.
  • For the ARL V39 chassis, the traverse speed was increased from 22.95 to 26.07 deg/s.
  • For the ARL V39 bis chassis, the traverse speed was increased from 26.07 to 29.2 deg/s.

Tier V Pz.Sfl. IVc

  • HP was increased from 600 to 700.

Tier IV Somua SAu 40

  • For the 105 mm AC court mle. 1934 S gun:
    • An armor-piercing shell was added with average penetration of 65 mm and average damage of 310 HP.
    • Reload time was decreased from 15.83 to 12.47 s.
    • Aiming time was decreased from 5.4 to 4.9 s.

17 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Balance Improvements in Update 4.6

  1. There you go with REAL pay2win… wtf… buy yourself to extra penetration for any and every shell you fire :-/

    1. What the fuck are you talking about…. it\’s a crew skill anyone can grind.
      And if you\’re gonna argue you can pay money to get OP skill faster, it doesn\’t work for every shell, this skill only has a 5% chance to work, so it\’ll apply roughly to 1 shell out of 20.

      You should research the topic a tiny bit alteast before you write something stupid.

      1. \”…with the Penetration Boost skill activated, penetration will range from 100 to 115%.\”

        Doesn\’t say anything about chance. Anyway thats a prety powerfull skill…

        1. It doesn\’t because the skill itself existed before and has a 7% chance (I was wrong here, I\’ll admit, not playing Blitz is my excuse :P) of being \”activated\” if you wish, something like Intuition. So 7% is more around 1 in 14 shells getting affected by this skill.

          As for the other part of what you are not getting…

          \”In this version, we will decrease the penetration spread for all vehicles from 75–125% to 85–115%, and with the Penetration Boost skill activated, penetration will range from 100 to 115%.\”

          Read it in the context of previous sentence before Penetration boost is mentioned, which is that they are reducing RNG on penetration rolls from 25% (so 75-125%) to 15% (so 85-115%).

          What the Penetration Boost skill does mainly is protect you against low rolls. Hence 100-115%, meaning you cannot get a penetration roll lower than your average, average being 100%.
          Although yes, you might argue that the median will be more than 100% and you are correct in this, however who the hell counts on getting good penetration roll when firing? Protection against low roll is the main selling point of this skill in my eyes.

          And this happens 1/14 times you fire. And you don\’t get to choose which shell that 1/14 will be, so it\’s even more useless. Here you can see ingame description of the skill


          Let\’s do some quick maffs. IIRC, from times when I was using session stats mod, my penetration rate of shells that hit the target was around 75-80%. So out of 100, 20-25 shots would not penetrate.

          Out of those, lots were due to hitting parts of the armor I cannot penetrate – track or other external module, autobounce angle, or simply hitting part of the armor even max penetration roll won\’t penetrate.

          Let\’s be generous and say half of the shots not penning were down to low penetration roll, that\’s 10-12.
          Considering the 1/14 chance, this means out of a 100 shots that hit the target, 1 extra will penetrate thanks to this skill. And I\’m being super generous here, it\’ll probably be close to 1 out of 150 or 1 out of 200. What a great skill right?

        2. A few things to keep in mind there. Firstly, blitz is balanced differently vs PC. Most tanks have higher pen vs PC, and alpha. Matilda IV does 120 damage and get 86 pen on a low roll. On PC 86 pen and 110 is an average roll. Secondly crew skills is not on a pr tank basis. It\’s on a class basis. As in your have one crew for all mediums, regardless of nation that all share the same skills that you can level. Armor pen is one of them. As pointed out, it makes it 100% to 115% instead, so you can\’t low roll. But it\’s not a sure thing. At level 1, that everyone has from the start. It\’s at a 1% chance to activate every time you fire. And 7% at the most. So it\’s not something that works with every shot. And as I said, everyone has that on all their mediums at 1% from the start, it\’s not something you buy. But getting it to 7% takes a ton of XP.

          And blitz don\’t have equipment slots like we do. They have 3 upgrade slots, one for combat power, vitality and specialization. It\’s the same for all nations and classes. First level costs silver. It\’s 5 000 on low tiers and increases as you go along. The first combat power upgrade allows you to change between ROF or 5% more pen on all shells. You can only have one active pr battle. And on high tiers, 5% more pen makes all the difference, even more so now with the lower % on a low roll. lvl 2 and 3 costs spare parts. Something you only get by doing daily missions. Anything from getting 1 kill to winning a battle etc. Level 2 on combat power gives you a an option to get 30% more shell speed. And 50% pen drop over distance. Spare parts is not something they sell. So not pay 2 win, it\’s play 2 grind. Under level 2 vitality there is an upgrade for 4% more armor. Useless on low tiers. But on high tier super heavies. 4% makes all the difference.

    1. It\’s a medium crew skill. Blitz don\’t have crews pr tank like PC does with separate skills. They share class skills between nations even. so you have 1 crew pr class if you will. And pen increase is on mediums only. And something everyone has at the start. But at first it\’s only at a 1% chance to work each time you fire. So not something that removes negative RNG 100% of the time if you will.

      1. it goes even further: basically you have ONE crew for all of your tanks. the different crew skills for different classes merely have the reason, that you can train the skills only with playing that class. the skills itself will effect ALL tanks you drive.

    1. Remember that Blitz is Wargaming\’s testing ground. If it succeeds we might see it implemented in the future

      1. is it really? Blitz had different mechanic for prem ammo for ages now (more pen but lower damage), though nothing like this is even announced for WoT PC.

        on the other hand: I would welcome both changes for PC. the prem ammo mechanic would make the prem spam a little better. and the RNG reduction would greatly help you get more reliable effects for your shots.

    2. In the mean time,AMX 30B gun in WoT PC can shoot anywhere from 189mm-300mm……….basically one sec you got a tier 8 mediums gun,and the next sec you got a tier 10 TD gun…fckn retards

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