WoT – ELC EVEN 90 Early Access


Apparently the WG marketing department finally noticed an annoying trend in the gaming industry and tries to get their own slice of cake, offering some long-term premium account holders the chance to buy the EVEN a bit faster than the rest of the rabble. So far it’s only confirmed for the EU server.

32 thoughts on “WoT – ELC EVEN 90 Early Access

  1. Why would someone buy this little turd in a first place? Early access turd ….. Thinking

  2. Hey we have this rubbish tank, it needs to sell before everyone sees the bad reviews… Lets sell it to the whales as a \”secret deal\” to make more money!

  3. \”Thanks for supporting us for so long. Here, have an early taste of diarhea !\”

    This tank is so bad anyway they\’re just trying to sell some.

    1. Lol I got like 45 days prem from the christmas boxes but I got the message few hours ago

  4. Does that mean they can sell incomplete tanks too? I would like to see a tank on \”early access\” that has no collision models…

  5. They should focus on the new players that will enter the game after the HD patch…

  6. I can confirm they did it for the AMX Tank Destroyer on the NA server as well. I got the offer a few days before it went live. Did not see one for the ELC though, so they may just be testing the waters for a bit to see if it boosts sales, increases outcry, or both.

  7. WG: Guis, we literally shat out a premium tank (blue paint for fabulous). We can now make you regret it\’s purchase way before the rest of the flock can do it.

  8. NA literally did this last October I believe with the CDA, its how I got mine and some premium time. When I got the add I only had about 30 days

  9. I didn\’t get the message either, although I have 400 premium days left, but if the price is reasonable, I am going to pick one up. I must say I quite dissapointed in the community contributors who put videos up stating this tank is shit and now everybody is repeating them. Yes, the gun is probably bad, but that is not what this tank is about. This tank is really novel in being so small and invisible. All about passive scouting. Especially because it is so small, I think it offers unique gameplay in high tiers and is therefore interesting to pick up if you like that playstyle.

    1. The same. 400 days premium account and no offer. Maybe I am not passion enough 😀

  10. \”Be the first to throw money at us and experience the unique awesomeness of this tank\” … Lol. Too much vodka in Wargaming\’s marketing department.

  11. LOL.
    this tank isn\’t all that bad actually!! It takes a very different approach to being a LT driver, but hey, not everyone can be a good to great scout.

    This thing has such amazing spotting potential!! I can get so close to enemies, zip around and be missed by shots when found \’cause i am so fast, so low profile and such good camo while moving. With a 44.6% camo rating…this thing rocks..

    The gun well, it isnt a sniping LT, but when i get within 100m or less, i hit 81.3% rate right now….so it isnt to bad in most circumstances.

  12. I play this game since open beta or so, have 60 000 battles, playing for years with premium account and don\’t have a chance to buy this tank. WG is doing absolutely nothing for old players. The only thing i remember they did was some mission where you could earn some emblems and that\’s all. For example 10% more money with premium tanks for active accounts older than 5 years or something like that would be good. There is so much potential. The only thing they are doing is making happy new players and noobs but they don\’t give a shit about old players.

  13. WG are a bunch of useless cunts, aren\’t they?
    Half of the people with prem accounts not getting the message to buy the tank…

  14. It is a good tank, for make some free damage. Yesterday kill 3-4 with T54 LTW. A hitting shot almost all time track them then only need ram and kill them. The worts 1vs1 figth was when ELC shot me once, i missed but after i jumped on it. It was funny see how faster lose the hp 🙂

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