WoT PC: World of Tanks Weekly #45 (New Sherman confirmed?)

A new episode of WoT NA’s weekly series is out, in this video MeatheadMilitia talks about the x3 experience weekend and 25% consumable discount, a new upcoming Sherman variant (likely the Loza), gives us a new bonus code WOTWX5122017, which consists of 5 200% XP boosters,  (NA accounts only, redeem before 01.9.2018), organizes a little replay competition with a grand prize of a Type 59 (if you still haven’t gotten it from crates yet) and much more. Give the video a watch if you want to learn more about what went down recently. And see you in the battlefield!


9 thoughts on “WoT PC: World of Tanks Weekly #45 (New Sherman confirmed?)

    1. I hace my doubts that Sheridan will be replaced. It is a very iconic American vehicle and replacing it would hurt the American LT tree where it perfectly fits.


        1. Dunno, “different look” is regular M151, but AFAIK they decided to go with XM151 because of the all-steel construction, as opposed to M151’s aluminum hull, in accordance with the “steel armor only, no smoothbores, no missiles” WoT policy.

          But then again, Scorpion M56 is all-aluminum and it’s in the game too, and with actually “buffed” armor of 1mm steel (over its historical 0,3-0,5mm of aluminum), so who knows 😀


  1. Loza is not a German tank?….because it sounded to me like a bad German accent when he announced it…….but I may be just me


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