War Thunder – CN Server News

Since WordPress has a nice embed function and I’m a lazy bob, I’ll just leave y’all with the original :^)


3 thoughts on “War Thunder – CN Server News

  1. Even though the tree is mostly from other nation….they could maximise the domestic ones in high tiers. Why Mig-17 instead of J-5. And Type 79 and Type 80 MBT should be up there in t5. They should focus on t6 where there can be a lot more original vehicles. Oh well….it’s a Chinese tree afterall. On the positive side, WT has done the best out of the trios(WoT,WT,AW). (Off-topic: I still couldn’t understand how AW fuxk up with the Chinese MBT line when there is enough original vehicles)


    1. I am sure way in the future they might release a Chinese tree on the other servers, I wouldn’t mind it as some of the copy’s have differences. Like the Type 58 has a heavy machine gun on top. Only thing that I don’t get is why the Chinese get other countries vehicles that those countries don’t even get , like the m4a4 and the Curtis hawk


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