VK 168.01 (P) Mauerbrecher Video Review


4 thoughts on “VK 168.01 (P) Mauerbrecher Video Review

    1. I cross my fingers for you. The normal one looks just so much better… Also you can put onto it your own Camos… here nothing <<"

      Also big "thank yous" go to Seb for posting this ❤

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  1. how many times in the review video did he say “you want to be top tier” “you need to be top tier” followed with “you love Tier 10’s” “in Tier 10’s and do zero damage”

    there folks is the biggest reason to AVOID Tier 8 battles as its always, always Tier 10 MM for you
    (and if your Tier 10 players are shit tomatoes and die quick? figure it out

    WG and that lovely gem called template 3-5-7 MM,
    Tier 10’s are in heaven every game (almost) is paradise farming weak Tier 8’s for lol’s


    1. The Con sentence ( You like T10’s???) is more meant as a joke. But yes. This is also one of the biggest cons of the tank as if you are in T10 battles, you will be punished… And punished hard. I am planing to make a video about several games I had with my friend in the S. Conq and AMX M4. All the times we had atleast a combined dmg of 8k… 3-5-7 hurray~


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