WoT NA: January Overview

Note: the most important part is the fact that 2 new premiums will be sold. Based on 3 new entries in Tankopedia, we expect to have Caernarvon AX and the ELC EVEN.

Premium Tank Sales

January introduces two brand-new vehicles and puts two reliable favorites on sale!

Jan. 4-15: M4A1 Revalorisé

Jan. 11-22: New Premium vehicle!

Jan. 18-29: Strv S1

Jan. 25-Feb. 5: New Premium vehicle!

Special Weekend Events

Earn XP and other bonuses during the following weekends:

Jan. 5-8: x3 XP Weekend

Jan. 12-15: Supply Raid Missions and x2 Crew XP Weekend

Jan. 19-22: x3 XP Weekend

Jan. 26-29: Supply Raid Missions and x2 Crew XP Weekend

“On Track” Missions

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles! This month is a French heavy tank and a British medium tank!

Jan. 12-26: AMX 50 B

Jan. 26-Feb. 9: Centurion Action X

Weekly Deals

Get an edge during combat with these weekly specials on Gold, Premium time, and other goodies.

Jan. 4-15: Earn

Jan. 11-22: Advance

Jan. 18-29: Expand

Jan. 25-Feb. 5: Boost

Month-long Specials

Go into battle with special boosters for Credits, Free XP, or spring for a package of Gold, Credits, and Premium time.

Jan. 8-Feb. 1: Triumvirate

Jan. 8-Feb. 1: Bundles of Boosters

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock a special emblem:

Jan. 5-15: AMX ELC bis, Indien-Panzer, O-Ni, T25/2

Jan. 12-22: VK 28.01, T-54, 113, Charioteer

Jan. 19-29: M5A1 Stuart, T54E1, Black Prince, T28 Prototype

Jan. 26-Feb. 5: T49, Leo, Tiger II, AMX AC mle. 46

Tank Rewards

Happy New Year! The first Tank Rewards of 2018 features special missions for tier IV – X tanks!

Missions start Jan. 19, end Feb. 8


3 thoughts on “WoT NA: January Overview

  1. Do you think these will appear ingame as well, given that they would be the first tier 8 premiums for these lines? I got a shitload of gold left, own every interesting ingame premium and dont want to buy shit like the is-6.


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