Wargaming’s Hilarious VK 168.01 Backstory

The VK 168.01 received a hilarious backstory with a new name and paint job to go with it. According to Google translate, ‘Mauerbrecher’ means ‘wall breaker’ which fits with the theme of the tank. According to the description, the Wargaming claims that the VK 168.01 was built to defend Berlin around April-May in 1945. Then, it happened to sink into a subway tunnel until it was found again in 1989 and was used as a ram by the West Berliners to demolish the Berlin wall separating East and West Berlin.

This, as you likely know, is a load of absolute BS.  Not only was the VK 168.01 not built (it was an earlier design of the Maus), the whole nonsense story is false. Normally, I wouldn’t be making this post, but since WG omitted a confession in the description saying it was false or alt-history, I felt inclined to give my opinion and make people aware.

The cynical part of me wants to think that this is a way for WG to prey on the less historically oriented or children.