11 thoughts on “360 DAYS PREMIUM ACCOUNT – 68.26 € – Advent Calendar Day 3

  1. Don’t understand there way of thinking… this is crap offer which should be offered as standard offer around Christmas…

    Primary things in Advent Calendar should be tanks not crap like gold packets or premium time…

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  2. I don’t understand why people have to complain about everything Wargaming does, if you don’t like the daily offer then don’t buy it.


    1. Don’t understand why people have to defend wargaming regardless of what It does.

      The premium deal isn’t even that good there have been far cheaper 360 days of premium.

      If they’re adding it to the calendar at least make it on par if not better with the best previous offer…

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      1. I couldn’t agree more Jigz. I get so sick of people who defend WG, on the ridiculous things they do. When they do something right the I don’t have a problem with it; however when their being greedy, stupid, sly, underhanded, cheeky, dodgy, or out right nefarious to their player base….. then it drove me bonkers when shills like this defend this kind of behavior.


    2. I think that is what they are saying dumb nuts.. And they are expressing their opinion if WG wants to sell things next time.. Duh.. Jesus.


  3. If you have a coupon you can use it on it! So if you have a 20% discount coupon like I do, you can have it for a fair price of 54.60 €.


  4. Funny! Black Friday 2016 a year of premium was sold for $40 US here on NA I guess we will never see that again. It was not offered this Black Friday or on the advent calendar the guy who offered that was probably fired lol.


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