Tanks from Advent Calendar

Thanks to our friends at rykoszet.info

Currently, there are only 9 vehicles known to us. The order of sale is not known either.


22 thoughts on “Tanks from Advent Calendar

    1. Armor : Fury < Normal E8 < E2 Jumbo < Thunderbolt
      Mobility : E2 Jumbo < Thunderbolt < Fury < Normal E8
      DPM : basically same (very small different iirc)
      Fun : Fury < E8 < E2 < Thunderbolt

      No statics from M4A2 Soviet yet

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  1. I think we can assume you may safely add Patrot and Skorp G to the list, since the Liberte is there already. I just hope they sell some other tanks too like the Jgtiger (H) and the Tiger II at tier 7. It would be nice to have some variety and new tanks in the advent, not just the boring old ones (which almost everyone and their mother owns). Just saying.


    1. Also seems like there is no secret calendar code this year. Maybe we will get whatever the codes gave in former years after we finish the calendar missions? Since they are called “Part 1”, “Part 2” and so on?


  2. I don’t really care about the E-25. I only played it during my yellow noobdays (first premium I bought, didn’t even knew how camo worked back then). Never had a big impact on a game back then, so I guess the biggest part of the current playerbase will not be able to use it to it’s full potential.

    It has pref mm, which means that it will always face tier 8 in the current mm. There are not a lot of maps where you can use this vehicle to his full (and annoying) potential and it’s only good in the hands of a skilled player, so that’s like 10% of the playerbase. Most of those players will have it already and will not bother to play it anymore. No armour, no turret, low pen, low alpha… Good players will resort to other vehicles to carry a game.

    The mm will maybe be flooded with some E25’s for the holidays, but that’s always the case when a new premium gets released.


    1. well, tier 7 with MM+1 today is pretty easy to become top tier, since most tier 8 will get fucked in tier 9 and 10 battle. And even with tier 8, E25 only need to deal with 3 to 5 tier 8 tanks


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