No Defender in this year’s Advent Calendar

It is confirmed on the Tank Talk Live by WGNA which can be accessed here (at 39:30) that the Object 252 and its Defender clown camo variant won’t be on sale during this Advent Calendar.


22 thoughts on “No Defender in this year’s Advent Calendar

    1. Oh they are gonna sell it next year. When even the Defender is “meh”. Just like they waited with the E25 for more broken German TD’s to arrive before they sold it. Because then it’s “fine”.


    1. Considering we had a new tank on day one, and we got a full year of premium on day 3. Things that are usually saved for the last week. I suspected it would be “meh” for the rest of the days. E25 is one tho, and I guess the new French LT is in there somewhere.


      1. yeah but premium LTs are pointless because they are not as OP (thus as relevant in the current meta) as premiums of other classes ; and people in general have no idea how to play them well. Only a few skilled players and LT lovers will get them, while pretty much anyone could do well in a Liberté or E-25.
        Also the Black Dog is still better than both the T92 and AMX imo. T92 lacks pen and speed, AMX has to rely on camo and passive scouting, which is either boring or impossible depending on the map.


        1. T92 really needed a 90mm for it be e even vaguely interesting for me. Tho we know the M41 GF and 13 57 GF will not make it, as they are removed from all sales for obvious reasons. ELC and the USSR tier 8 light don’t look that good either. If the tier 8 Russian light comes this year that is.


        1. 9.21 will hit before the 20th, as I suspect they are not keen on adding it after that. Or 14th at the earliest as was first announced. So it will make it in time for some of the slots in the calendar I’m sure.


  1. they acted like they were joking
    > Is the Defender coming?
    > What? The Defender! Ahahahah, oh noo, noo noo noooooo its not coming AT ALLLLL


  2. Obj. 252U is only one tank which a lot of players would buy whithout to thing how expensive it would be…WG dont need they money, because lot of non sense tanks will arrive in calendar and they will bring a lot money! ??? Viktor should change salesmanns in his own company for stupidity…


  3. I like playing Russian tanks, especially the heavies. When Defender was in the shop, I thought “that’ll suit my playstyle; I’ll pick one up in a couple of days”. Then it was gone – and apparently for good.

    Why have limited availability for a tank, if you’ve already sold thousands of them? Why should part of the playerbase have a nice current tank, and the rest be left with old power-creeped rubbish?

    I’ve played WoT since Alpha, and I haven’t ever dared tot up how much I’ve spent on the game. Now most of my investment in Premium tanks is gathering dust. Does WG intend that my role as a veteran player and good customer to take out my old IS-6 and provide free XP for lucky 252U owners?

    Now the availability, or not, of Defender has become the line in the sand for me to return to the game, or even pay WG any more money in any of their titles.


      1. Therefore, rather than put the E 25 through drastic rebalancing, we made the difficult decision to gradually withdraw the vehicle from sales, and grant it the status of an exclusive Premium vehicle — just like the Type 59, KV-5, and several others. Given that, we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions.

        This is from the news article that WG posted about withdrawing the E 25 from the premium shop. It clearly says that they will NOT rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the premium shop in a SPECIAL EVENT (like the advent calendar) or as a reward for in-game competitions.


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