9.21 – HD Models Pictures

PS: Sorry for not posting yesterday. University is kind of rough on me.


Somua SAu 40

S35 CA



StuG III Ausf. B

VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B

Light Mk. VIc




Type 61


26 thoughts on “9.21 – HD Models Pictures

    1. Did it really need a buff lol….the tank is a monster, it must have some form of weakspot. Why they add a track link I dont know what a joke.


    1. Well it’s still early leaks. Always some models added closer to CT etc. I hoped they would finally get them all done this patch. Tho some old long time fav finally got their HD model this patch. Like the Type 61 and VK B. Tho no T-34-3 that most are waiting for.


  1. Am i the only person that sees the weakspot on the HD ST1 model? Is it a nerf or is it the stock turret? Would be weird if it gets a weakspot while every other HT loses theirs


  2. i like them. at least the t34-2 looks good whyle i cry grinding the now beautiful wz 120. an the licht VIC is now not only OP but also in HD


  3. That’s disappointing, I was hoping that the reason a T25/2 HD model hadn’t happened yet was because it was finally going to be replaced by something that wasn’t crappy with the 25/2 being relegated to the garbage bin of removed tanks where it belongs. It getting an HD model means it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon, which is bad news, it’s bar none the worst performing tier VII TD.


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