9.21 – FV217 Badger updated statistics

The updated statistics of the tank are in bold.

Tier 10 British TD (replacement for the FV215b 183)
HP: 2 050   2 100
Engine power: 950 HP
Mass: 65 t
Load limit: 70 t
Power to weight ratio: 14,62 KM / t
Speed limit forward/backwards: 34,3 / -12 km / h   30 / -12 km / h
Traverse speed: 22 °/s
Gun traverse speed: 16 °/s
Terrain resistances: 1,726 / 1,918 / 2,877
View range: 390 m
Signal range: 782,1 m

Armor: 304,8 / 101,6 / 31   355 / 101,6 / 38

Gun: OQF 123 mm Mk. 1

Damage: 420 / 420 / 520   480 / 480 / 620
Penetration: 272 / 320 / 130
Reload time: 6,808 s   8,1 s
Dispersion at 100 m: 0,288
Aiming time: 1,63 s
Gun traverse limits: 15 / 15 °
Gun elevation values: -10 / +20

Crew: 6


30 thoughts on “9.21 – FV217 Badger updated statistics

  1. Dpm nerfed by 200 dmg (3700->3500 ~).

    For comparison, what is the base dpm of the Tortoise with the 120mm gun and no other bonus ?


      1. Well then that tank isnt that big of an upgrade. 3555 vs 3525 is shit. They should have let it the 3750. Even if its a lot, the tank is still slow as hell and massive so it needs to reach the battle before using its gun. Also iirc the armor is only 350 on the flat parts, the rest is less than 300.


        1. To be fair, yeah it’s more or less the same as the Tortoise. But 400 alpha vs 480. And the Tortoise don’t always get to hold that button down to spam targets either. So for trading it’s better if they go back to hiding each time. That and it’s armor is more or less useless. DPM is all the tortoise have. If this has the same dpm, with more alpha, pen and armor that works. I’m not gonna complain about that.

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      1. Unless it’s a tier X that has become irrelevant. For exemple arty (worthless since rework) and JPZe100 (innacurate, always rolls low, slow, useless armor against gold ammo)


        1. I am happy I let my FV183, Foch155, FV in the garage two years long without playing a single battle… now (FV183 soon) I have three rare tanks….


  2. Do I have an option to use my good old L1 instead of this gun? it doesn’t seems bad, but where’s the fun when you don’t have that epic reload anymore.


  3. Wargaming keep the 6 second reload you morons its slower then a t95 for fuck sakes and that line is all about the fucked reload you dumb fucks.


    1. it literally has 10 km/h more top speed, better ground resistances, and (although no armor model produced of the armor changes) appears to have to cupola weakspots. unless your talking about it having a slower reload than the t95’s 120mm cannon, then yes, it trades 400 alpha for 480 in exchange for what, 0.2s longer reload? the t95 has one thing going for it over this…. 3 degrees per second better traverse rate

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      1. >better ground resistances
        No, it’s not. Bigger the number, higher the resistances, and that is worse in the sense of mobility. It won’t be as slow as a T95 for sure, but it certainly don’t have “better ground resistances” at all.


        1. my bad, i think i had power to weight numbers on my mind at the time, but thanks for pointing it out. all things considered though, worse ground resistances do mean better grip to surfaces like rock and steep walls, so it won’t slide as much when climbing.


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