Supertest: Klondike

First winter map in the last 3 years. Made for Grand battles. Apparently it will be released in 9.21! This time we are taken to North America. Seems like a mixture between North-West and Severogorsk.



Loading screen:


9 thoughts on “Supertest: Klondike

      1. Then why TF does WG design this new grand battles map in the old render engine?!…that is a fucking waist of development money if you ask me and thus bad management.

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  1. This actually does look like a genuine well thought out map!
    Seemingly well mirrored for both sides, with enough variety so each side doesn’t look like a full mirrored copy of the other. The setting also is a nice combination of Northwest and Servergorsk imo.

    How ever, what I really don’t get is this:
    why does Wargaming still put in development time (and money!!) in designing this new map for the old render engine? Their new render engine seemed close to be able to be released and they are already remaking the current maps in it!
    Why then still spend time/money developing this old style map, when the new render engine is so near? I really do not get that decision making, as with many other things.

    It almost seems like internally WG still runs parallel development branches that don’t cross communicate with other branches of development, like the development of the new render engine and rework of the current maps.
    IMO it would be more efficient to start designing new map for the new engine and not waist time designing who maps for the old engine.

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    1. Gonna have to disagree with you on the “well designed map” comment. WG has gone the easy/cheap/pandering methods of adding cover. There’s no real imagination on terrain manipulations to create cover and dynamic play positions. No, instead they just throw rocks all over the map and call it “good.”

      Rocks don’t allow for dynamic play. They’re there to provide dedicated, constricted, and predictable locations where tanks will go.

      I much prefer formed terrain over the rocks method. Look at Nebelberg in J9. That’s a nicely designed hill/valley/hill combo that provides for some dynamic ability in game play and positioning. On either end of it are the static/boring/mundane rocks. These rocks are death traps. Nearly every match I’m on the GB map I see the north team’s east flank stopping at the rocks on the north side of J9, and everytime, 100%, I see the north team do this they lose the right flank because the south team tanks J9 with it’s dynamic possibilities compared to the “I’m gonna sit, blind and dumb, with my back against this rock and wait to die” position that WG has provided for the deaf, blind, and dumb players.


  2. So you ‘have’ to play Tier 10 (only) now to enjoy the 1st brand new decent Map in over 3 years?

    So ………….. fuck you WG …………………. for fucking over 90% of the player base with ramming Tier 10 down our throats

    (and its in old SD render (so what the fuck! WG say one thing THEN do the fucking opposite (again


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