Armored Warfare Coming on Steam

Source1, Source2 is proud to announce that the popular tank combat MMO will roll out onto the Steam marketplace on Nov. 10; allowing the Steam community the opportunity to download and experience its intense brand of tank action firsthand!

They really want new players, it seems.


24 thoughts on “Armored Warfare Coming on Steam

  1. The playerbase will be doubled when all of those two new gamers who are interested in the game will download the client from Steam. And after a day they will uninstall because there are no other players.

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      1. it has come since obsidian was fired tbh. The moment they did that they killed their game, because obsidian had the ability to use all of AW’s potential and make it a unique game, while will just make it a WoT clone, which means destroy all of its chances since WoT is already here, working (as intended, lol), popular, and with a stable playerbase (outside of NA of course)

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        1. OE didn’t do well either. I believe both OE and has their balme. I know OE has limited resources from So instead of wasting time and money to do fine tuning to the mechanics. Get much vehicle out as possible to make sure it has loads of content to attract WoT and WT players. Spend first 2 years doing pretty much nothing is a miracle….that the game isn’t dead now


  2. The devs are kind of stubborn which kills the game.

    They know most players play the game because of MBTs IRL, so they keep nerfing MBTs and hope that’ll force players play other class. That didn’t work well.

    The game doesn’t have much vehicle to start with. And devs(both OE and decide to fuss around the mechanics which was not needed to fix. Only introduce <5 new vehicles every patch. Great logic.

    Higher tier vehicle were too strong against lower tiers. AW devs brings out tier 10. Ypaaa

    Players love PvE/Global OPs more than PvP. Devs make PvE full of aimbots enemy and decrease credit income. Well done comrade.

    Last but not least. AW tried to get access to the Chinese market. Makes a MBT line full of immature prototypes+incorrect 3D models & questionable balancing issues.

    It's a miracle this game is not shut down in NA and EU.

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  3. “ is proud to announce that the DYING combat MMO will roll out onto the Steam marketplace on Nov. 10 TO TRY AND KEEP IT ALIVE FOR 1 YEAR LONGER.”

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  4. why the F would anyone want a game to die? its languishing, but it never was a bad game. I really dont understand why it would make you look cool to revel in its apparent failure.


    1. Some enjoyed it. But when you lost 70% of your players in 4 months after some changes a few months after launch. Then something is up. Issue is that sure it’s a better game now vs before. But I highly doubt they will get much more in there via steam with the rep they had. Even if you improve, that bad rep sticks for way longer.


  5. Oh, welp. I played AW for some time when it was still being developed by Obsidian. Got a Founder pack and everything, but the game was a disappointment in the end, with little content, an endless grind after a certain point and unstable mechanics.
    The one thing that I liked and that I would love to see in WoT is PvE, though. It was really a nice change of pace compared to PvP and provided some uncomplicated fun without the drama of a crap team: with a 5-tanks team, a good player could carry the whole through the mission. Sure, good coordination made things even easier, but you could scrape a victory, even if your team melted. Plus, the format prevented camping, which is always annoying.


    1. WoT PvE mode?
      That I have waited for a long long time.
      Was fun to play PvE in AW. Sadly friends stopped playing the game a long time ago.


  6. Hah, I’ll love to see just to what means they’ll go to silence negative reviews of the game. Last time I checked, Steam doesn’t look too kindly to review deleters.

    Anyway, this game will see an influx of players for a day or 2 at most. Then people will uninstall because they’ll see that there’s no one there, the game loks like trash, despite Cryengine 3, they’ll read the reviews from the old timers like me and they’ll simply not bother with it.

    I’m really hoping this goes the way of Cloud Pirates. Don’t forget to bring that failure up as well in your reviews ;3

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